My own type of FM???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Laura62, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. Laura62

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    Well...I just got back from a doc...not for a FM issue...I went in for a pre-op visit for a minor surgery.

    I had never seen this doc before, so he browsed through my chart and noticed my previous complaints, and asked what had been done...

    I explained about the negative blood work & that was as far as I was willing to take things...

    This doc asked me all sorts of questions...gave me a thourough exam, then took an entire hour...I kid you entire hour (I was shocked) to explain about FM & CFS and the current theories about how sleep disorders may be the cause (according to him they are not sure which comes first...lack of sleep or the FM)

    Anyways...cutting to the chase...he told me that he was concerned about my low grade fever, and that it was not the norm for FM...also I do not have any tender points...but that he thought I had my "own type of FM" whatever that means?

    He wanted to at least prescribe something that started with a "D" for sleep...I cut him off...really don't want anything...he also suggested Xanax...But I'll sit this out as long as I can without meds...

    He also wants to repeat blood-work in six months...he said he's sure the blood count will show something by then (due to the fever)

    But I have read somewhere, that a low-grade fever is par for the course?!?! Yes? No?

    Oh well...does this sound familiar to anybody out there???

    And I do have to give credit to this doc...I was only in there for a blood pressure check, etc, and I walked away with an hour of his time...But maybe after my outspoken self let him know how I felt about the medical profession in general, he felt he had to prove me wrong..."giggle"

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    Low Grade Fevers are common with CFS and below normal temps are common with FMS. Sounds to me like you are more CFIDS than FMS like I am. I was diagnosed with FMS but I have no trigger points sore. I just ache all over. Kinda like the ache you get when you have the flu. I have more CFIDS symptoms (dry burning mouth, flu symptoms, cognitive, excessive fatigue) Hope this helps
  3. Laura62

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    This is pretty much how it goes...

    I ache all over, but it doesn't affect what I do...(mostly farm work, which can be hard) But nothing hurts while I'm working...

    But the fatigue does effect what I do...I feel like I am carrying around a ton of bricks with me...

    When I am done for the day and sitting down...or trying to sleep, that's when things usually start to hurt...and it always ranges from hips and upper arms to the middle of my palms...really wierd places...

    Do you get sharp pains in the middle of your thighs??

    Then I get so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open...around 5 pm or so...but when I go to bed at night, I'm suddenly wide awake!!! just lately, this last few days, I've gotten headaches...but that could be from the coffee I've been downing to get going in the a.m.

    And then of course...the ever-present fever...

    I've always had irritable bowel syndrome since I was I don't know if that's truly a factor or not...

    Okay...I'll stop now....hehe

    Thanks again,

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    I was dx'd with FM, but I saw a rheumy who thought more CFS. ANYWAY, I went through a period of both things-----low grade fever constantly for a few years (I was one who DID choose to get flu shots----I would always pray that my temp was below 100F, or they would refuse to give me one), then I started to have a lower than normal temp-----which I had had most of my life before getting into the low grade fever years. So it sounds like shades of both things......

    You were lucky to get a doc who gave you so much time, though!!

  5. Mikie

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    FMS and CFIDS may actually be different manifestations of the same illness, but they do manifest in different ways with a lot of overlap.

    Many with our illnesses have chronic stealth infections and they never show up in blood tests. It takes DNA testing to even find them. They can produce chronic low-grade temperatures. I doubt your blood work will change in the next six months, but I could be wrong. We are infamous for our "normal" bloodwork.

    Good luck and keep us updated. BTW, you really do need to find a way to address the sleep problem or things will get worse. I take Klonopin, but it doesn't work for everyone. There is an excellent article by Dr. Paul Cheney on this drug in our library. If you do a search on his name, it will list the articles. The reason I like this article so much is because it does an excellent job of explaining our sleep problems as well as why we often have RLS, anxiety, and sensory overload.

    Love, Mikie
  6. Laura62

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    Thank you for all your replies,

    I had a really bad experience with Klonopin I'm a little spooked to go that route again...

    I don't even like to take Tylonol...the only thing I'm on right now is Topamax for a supposed seizure related disorder, but I only take half of what I'm supposed to take...Oh well, half seems to work just fine!..:)

    I did recently see some herbal sleep remedies in "Prevention" magazine...actually it was an ad for a free book that briefly mentioned some things...

    Has anybody tried anything along those lines with any success?

    I'm also wondering if a drug induced sleep is a "true sleep"...I haven't found any research in regards to that, but I'm still looking!!!

    Anyways...thanks the way...interesting note...before all this started, I always ran a lower than norm temp, I just figured that was "my" normal...