MY pain Doc iis on trial for sexual assult and for miss usuing th

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    I ahe been seeing the best doctor for the past three years. HE listenns to me hen I tell him how I feel and what my meds are doing and how they work,A few months ago it came across the news that my pain doctor wad neing charged with 2 felonly chages of sexual abuse.

    It was stated that he had been under investagagaition for over a year but in that time he was not charged of talked to by the police and neither was his staff and they just have been questions in the past year as it was reported. . His office staff stated that the charges were false, there is also a conflict of interst as the proscuting atterney is the bother of the only oother doctor who is an anesthiaist and they are in comptitioan with each other .

    HE has been deined hospital privlaige as the bord of the hospital thinks that he is just a pill pusher and we as pain patients are going to him to get our scripts of narcotics filled and then we go out and sell them for a profit how stupid is that.?

    When the local TV stations called to talk with hima bout htese charges he said NO coment so they made up a story that he was not lineced for anesthia, and surgery , and he was not lienceed by the state . IT they had done the resurse they would have foudn that he is certifined to treat pain and do anesthia and sufrgery. And he is more than qulitifed for treating pain patients.

    This is getting out of control . I have read on other sites that there are doctors who have been sent to prison for treating pain paitnest as they give out narcoiics adn the DEA does not like that . IT is felt that we do have not a just cause for the treatment of our pain and we should learn to buck up and deal with this.

    AS over 100 of his patients sat in the court room today for the plemerinaaary hearing the judge was shocked adn wanted to know why there were so many people here and they told him that we were patients , friends and family and that we were all willing to take a lie dector test because we know in our hearts taht he didi not do what he has been accused of doing.

    How many more doctors are they going to get rid of becasue the medical commuinty in most towns dislike having a doctor who treats only pain.patients adn it is felt that he is over prescribeing narcotics so they do anything including set up the doctors to try and get rid of them.
    Check out the laws that are going threw congress they are talking about makeing harder for pain patients to get them medicatation that we need. Find out all you can on the doctors that have been tried and taht need hlep for themselves. I want to have my pain doctor and not have to drive over an hour to see someone that I dont know and that the only cliinc i could get in to does not treat with medsicatation till you have been seen by the shrinks for 6 months and then depending on what they say you ay be treated for your pain but most of the pople are told that the reason they have pain problems is because they are depressed and not becasue the pain they have depresses them.

    PLease watch out for this new thing to happen more and more. I was told that when I would get my RX taht I would not uses it but i would get it so that I could sell it and that is just stupid as why when I am in as much pain as I live with each and every day would I sell my pin pills. I would not ever do that.

    Please find out all you can on the perscustaion of pain doctors and write you congressmen and tell them your story about why you take pain meds and why you see the pain doctor and how it has helped you and how the doctor treats you.I don't mean to get all griping about this subjsct I just want to haev the opertunity to see my pain cotor and be trreated for me pain and not treated like I am a drug steaker as I am not that I am a 49 year old female who has not only fibromyaligia but spineal stenosis, degenerative disc diease, osteparthritis on both my knees adn left wrist. I have discs that are buldging L4-L5 . **L5 -S1 Chronic meyofacitis. I get headaches taht make me so sick that I can't move and the fibro does nothelp with that either.
    I don't want to lose the onley doctor I have ever had to believed in me and didn't tell me that narcotics are bad for me and that I should just learn to live with the pain I have. And I have been told many times that fibromyalia is fake , not real, that I am making this up uto get attention and get pain medicatation.

    Please find out more about doctors who have been persucuted by the DEa and see that it does nothappen toyour doctor. And please pray that in this case the truth will come out and heiwll be found not guilty. HE took a lie dector test and passed it with flying colors . So if he woere guilty why would he have passed this test with the highest score there is?

    Ok I will get off my soap box nooow but I wanted you to all know that this is going on in all states and that we one day may not have a doctor to treat us for pain? SCarey is not it?

    AS I was in the court room today there were so may patients and friends and family there over 100 people were there they had taken time off from work sothat they could be there in support of this doctor. PLease look up about doctor percustation and find out what you can do aobut it so that it does not haapen to you.

    Other than this going on i have a a faily good week but stress full. I cna't secide of my teeeeeth ache or if it my jaw achhhing from all the stress of clennnching my jaws aat night and grinding my teeth. and I am hurting so much from this pain in my mouth that I am ready to just scream but it would nothelp me any. I don't know which tooth it is that hurts so I am at a impass as to what to do? Any suggestionns? I am so tired of my upper and lower jaw aching all the time and having this sharp ever persant pain in both upper and lower jaws and not being able to bite down on thing that I am eating. I have resorted to usuing a numbing spray to ease some of this pain in my mouth and it takes nasty too but i don't know what else to do about it as i don't have just one tooth that aches but all of my upper teeth and my lower too and my jaw bone where it meets the scull is so tender that just touching it will set off more pain for me.So if you know of any answers i would like to know about this extra pain.

    Thanks for listening to me. I would like to ask you all to look up ondifferent sites about all the doctors who have been persuted for persribing narocitc pain pills.

    thanks for listenign to me gripe about this subject.
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS TO ALL}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
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    if you son's peditrician was brought to court and convicted of not innoculating the kiddos with the full strength of medication....i nurse in his office caught it and followed up for a awhile...he did get busted...icouldn't beleive it they called him dr. bill, he was a wonderful dr...but i guess he was trying to save money...

    he had to be close to sixty give or take...he had his license revoked...

    then i worked for a dentist, i go to get my spleen and gallbladder oout... he went to germany w/wife that worked at the office did all the depositing in the bank...there was another dentist it was a corpaaartion...
    anyways there had been ladies at the front desk during the past 17 years that would suspect my dentist was stealing or embazzlinh money from the other dentist...they would confromt the other dentist...he would talk to my dentist that paid me...he would come back and say those girls were just mad at him...

    well it came out it was all true, i would've never thought they would do such a thing...but peope reminded me he was a good con...

    he embazzle money from u.c san francisco dental school, he would see patients on medi-cal and then bill them personally instead of the school...he used all the supplies from the was on the radio....he fled the state to canada then off to greece when his licnese was suspended for 5 years...i put all the stories together and it fit the time frame...he must be pusing 80 years old now...but he put all three of his kids thru good colleges and bought them homes...but he just couldn't afford to pay me the going rate ....he sold hi dental equipment to a dentist accross the street because he knew the irs, fbi were coming for him...well he left the county after he screwed over one more person...the irs found the equipment and confiscated it...

    this was awful to hear from my friend..they would play off that thhey did nothting wrong...i did quit my job and drew unempoyment i couldn'ttae the stress of thinkg the grandfatherly type could be so evil...

    then i went o job interviews and they wold ask me why was i looking...i had to say he is alledgley being broght up on embezz;emnyt charges...and two dentist said they story i wrote above..and one said if i don't tae the jobe from him do myself a favor and get out...

    so rosemaire leave it in yur higher power hands...i pray this is not so...but i have my hesistations when t comes to small business es being deceiptive...

    but the positive is it is always good to find a good dr. for when this one retires....

    i wished i could be more chipper but sometimes we don't know all of the facts...

    wneed t try to get some sleep now

    you did th right thing by being there today and supporting him as you know him....

    i hope he comes back to his office to help yyou again...



    i just rad the jaw pain

    i have done this acouple of times just tryng to open my mouth to eat an apple....i couln't really eat food for a few days...take some advil if yu can and soft foods and cut up your food....i think it may be eithr tendonitis in my jaw or just the tmf sydrome....

    rest it, maybe some soups
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    I had a doc who was going to do a stellate ganglion block. It is where they take a needle between the trachea and the carotid artery and run it through to the vertebra. Very risky procedure. The day before my procedure I went in for my appointment. I was told he (the doc) had been in an accident. Found out he had his liscense suspended for an admitted opiate addiction. You just never know, Rosamarie! It is sad, but, you just never know!
    Best wishes!

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