My pain Doctor is having problems

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Oct 6, 2005.

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    When I posted eailer about my doctor being accused with 2 coun't of sexual abuse. I know that that just couldn't have done that as he is married, has 5 kids, is and very religious. WE have always talked about why nurse's are needed in teh exam room even for a doctor who is only refilling a script.

    I read the paper and these cahrges were made in May and June of last year. I have been a paatient of his for 3 years, and he has always been totally approite with me. He is the ONLY pain doctor is 60 miles. IT would be horriable if he lost this case. I have been with him alone in a room alone,he has never touched me in any way but to do a exam and that was done with my clothes on as it was just my knees were in pain. And he as seen me with my MOm in the room. I have never ever had a problem with him, and I am appalled that some one would say he would touch some one in an inapproate way.

    I know that this could be real and he could have done this but when I called the billing office about my bill I asked the girls there what was going on adn very rudly she told me that it was not any of my concern. And then said that He wouel be my Doctor for a long time.And try not to worry but he would be fine. that did ease my feeling of panic.

    I feel like I have gone to doctors for pain all of my of life and I don't want to have to fine a new on who will grill me over and ask me stupid question about me supposed pain?

    I don't know how I would have to handle it again. IT is now right or fair, I had to find this doctor and it took months to get in with him and I can't go though that again.
    So I am praying that it is not true and that life will go back to normal/ I don't want my husband to go nuts when I tell him as he thinks that my pain doc is a quack.

    I am going to go to bed. I am so tired and feel alone. so off to bed I go.
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    Rosemarie I don't know if your dr is guilty or not maybe the other patients misunderstood what he meant . My dr a few yrs ago wished me a happy b'day & kissed me on the cheek I took it as it was meant a b'day wish. I do hope all is ok as finding a dr can be a nightmare I have had the same dr 25 yrs and dread the day he retires.
  3. jaltair

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    not getting the meds when requested, so out of retribution, the person is trying to spoil the doc's rep. My imagintion is going wild this time of night!

    As a nurse, I've seen patients who are pill seekers do strange things to get pain meds. In the city where I use to work, one irate patient shot the PA, the nurse, and an office assistant when he wasn't given the order for his pain meds. No one would have ever suspected that the man who killed the people would do such a thing as he was well respected. People do strange things when desperate! Docs are always afraid to give pain med because of these types of happenings!

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