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  1. cmt49829

    cmt49829 New Member

    Im up to a dose of 10mg codine / 500mg acetominiphine and they arent helping much at all anymore :(
    my script os to take 3 times a day. lately its more like 4 times and still I cnt sleep most of the time because Im in so much pain.
    I WISH they made me sleepy at least if Im sleeping I cant feel this awful pain.

    anyone else have a higher dose than this?
    a better med?
    does it help tp switch meds after a time?
    Ive been on these med at a lower dose for a couple years now.
  2. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    My mom had problems with back pain and pain all over for many years. She had degenerative discs plus fibromyalgia.

    Her best pain doctor achieved good results by combining many different meds in lower doses. My mom passed away at age 93 on April 4th but thankfully, her pain management doctor kept her comfortable.

    Just as a example, not that it would be exactly for you, she was on the following:

    Lortab (similar to Vicoden) 4 X day

    Darvocette for breakthrough pain


    Soma (muscle relaxant) 1-2 day as needed

    low dose cortisone

    Lidoderm pain patches - 1-2 every 3 days

    He also tried Lyrica which seemed to help. My mom felt the pain patches helped more than anything. There are other pain patches called Fentanyl but they are very strong. When my mom was accidentally given a Fentanyl patch when in the hospital she became confused.

    The problem with all pain meds is you can become tolerant and eventually need more, or to switch around your meds.

    Doctors that treat pain only have to be so patient and willing to monitor you monthly and change your meds, add more, stop some, when things are not working.

    I have gone to the same pain doctor for 5 years for fibro. If your doctor is not willing to work with you and address your pain you might consider trying another doctor.

    Soma would certainly help you sleep and help with muscle pain. As far as the pain you mentioned in a prior post in your feet, that sounds like nerve pain - I believe the Neurontin might help that.

    It kind of sounds like you need to have a fresh start with a doctor who wants to help you have a better quality of life.

    You should not have to suffer in pain when there are so many good medications to help.

  3. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    I take Oxycontin as a baseline for my pain and I use Vicodin for breakthrough pain. I also take Skelaxin and Lyrica for FM.

    Perhaps you need to talk to your doc about finding a different type of pain med for you.
  4. cmt49829

    cmt49829 New Member

    Ive been on tramadol, neurontin, darvocette, lyrica, to name a few.
    the side affects from the neurontin got bad after 2 years and I had to quit that, but didnt really notice a big increase in symptoms when I quit, so it must not have been doing much.
    the lycria didnt do anything except make me gain 4 pounds in 7 days :(

    I DO take zanaflex alot of the time at night to amke me sleep, then I wake up after about 4 hours and Im in alot of pain because Ive slept so sound I didnt move around.

    right now the pain in my shoulder blades and feet & hands is enough to make me wanna scream... & cry.

    I get that pain that makes my arms & legs & feet jump, and it drives me crazy.

    and I know someone here mentioned nerve pain, yes, I ahve alot of that in my foot especially, that was from an injury that has resulted in 6 surgeries on the foot and ALOT of permenant damage..

    sometime I cant help but break down and cry out of frustration and pain.
  5. cmt49829

    cmt49829 New Member

    Ive also tried the cymbalta and just about every muscle relaxer I can think of so far the zanaflex is the only one that even halps a little some of the time.

    I DO also take 60 mg of prozac daily.

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