My parents are moving tommorrow into elderly housing

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by NewEnglander, May 16, 2004.

  1. NewEnglander

    NewEnglander New Member

    Please pray that my parent will have the strengh to do this.
    It is breaking there heart to leave their home and I have never seen them in this kind of stress before.

    they both have severe heart problems and are so tired.

    please pray that God will give them strength and peace.

    also pray that they will meet some nice people in there new home and most important, someone who will lead them to the Lord.

    thank you and God Bless
    Love Lisa
  2. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    I always find it so sad when the elderly have to leave their home and most of their cherished belongs. I will be praying that God and his angels will give them comfort and strength through this difficult time.

    Best wishes,
  3. dash

    dash New Member

    Heavenly Father, I ask that You make yourself known to Lisa's parents. I know how deeply she is concerned for the spiritual and physical health of this couple.

    I know that with leaving their home, they will experience a grieving period. Comfort them with Your love. Relieve their stress.

    Bring them into contact with Christians at their new home who will minister to them and help with their adjustment. Let them find rest and respite from their trials here.

    Give Lisa the grace and strength that she needs to help her parents complete this move. Keep her from overextending herself physically and allow this whole experience to be a great unexpected blessing.

    In Jesus name I pray.


  4. NewEnglander

    NewEnglander New Member

    for your understanding and your wonderful prayers. they touched my heart.

    Tonight is my parents last night in there home.

    I'm going to miss having them next door.

    I was just cleaning out there fishing cabin and it was so sad to see my father give up all his stuff, boat, fishing poles and his garden.

    and my mother giving up everything too.

    me and my 3 sisters grew up on that lake that they live on and it just seems so scarey to me that my parents are so ill.

    they had me very late in life, and being the youngest sibling, I just feel I missed out with having more time with them.

    But they were very hard to live with, bi-polar, drinking and all that goes with it.
    but they were good too and I really care about them, and this last month I have been going crazy trying to calm them down because of their moving.

    My oldest sister is helping, thank God


  5. NewEnglander

    NewEnglander New Member

    your prayers mean a lot
  6. monkeykat

    monkeykat Member

    Hi Lisa,
    I can feel your heart-breaking for your folks. It is so hard for elderly people to let go of their home and move.

    I pray that God will pour out his comfort and give each of you abundant peace as your parents take a new road in life. I pray that God will give your parents little signs or footprints of the Holy Spirit to show them that he is with them and will never leave them or forsake them:)
    Take care, Monkeykat
  7. NewEnglander

    NewEnglander New Member

    thank you for your kind words and prayer, they mean a lot to me.
    you have all been such a blessing to me on this board you have no idea.

    Edwina, I did try to preach the gospel, but they don't seem open but I am praying for them.

    Where trying to get the house ready for sale now. oh my God, what a job, I think my older sister is giving up on us.

    which leave me alone with my sick elderly parents to help with this overwhelming task.

    I am still in such unbelievable pain since the move and so wicked tired.

    we still have to clean the house, the basement, the cabin and the shed.

    where sorting through so much junk. my father wants to have a yard sale but I just want to pack up everything and bring it to salvation army.

    I'm upset that my sisters won't help us, they may be older but are healthy.

    one of my sisters can't help because she is planting a pumkin patch and putting together a fish pond.

    my parents yard needs to be mowed and I can't do it. I wish I could.

    We have to hire some painter and fix the chimney and septic tank.

    my older son who is in his twenties is living there and now I have to keep an eye on him.

    I don't trust him in there, I don't trust his friends and he leaves the house at night with all the doors unlocked and wide opened.

    We plead to him for help but he won't, i can't ask him to leave because my mother gets too upset.

    they give permission for him to stay. and has been living off of them for awhile and they have always allowed it.

    when I try to intervene and make him go to his own place
    they sneak him back in.

    my son is bi-polar and is involved in some serious stuff.

    my parents refer to me as the runt of the litter and thats all they can get for help.

    don't know what to make of that.

    well thanks for listening, you sure got an ear full. I needed to take some wieght off my shoulder and on to yours, just kidding.

    sorry though.

    God Bless and have a blessed night.