My parents both died this last five weeks

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Jana1, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. Jana1

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    I am 61 years old and am grateful my parents had long, happy lives. Still, I am in a sort of shock I think, since it happened so quickly.

    I live in Wyoming and have had to be in Arizona a lot to try to get things settled and also be here for my sister who is an alcoholic and taking this very badly. I ask for prayers that she will use this sad time to realize she needs to go for detoxing and rehabilitation. That would be a huge blessing for our family.

    Another prayer has been answered for my family, as my son arrived home from Iraq and not one of his men were killed or injured. Please pray for his immediate family and for them to adjust to all that has happened.

    I am thankful that a few months ago I began missing my close relationship with God/Jesus and began finding the pathway back.

    Isn't life full of ups and downs? None of us escape that.

    My FM has NOT been any worse, God has spared me from the stress causing a flare.

    Thank you to anyone who reads this and gives me a kind thought or a little prayer. I am MOST thankful that God has been near me this whole time. I testify to His complete faithfulness.

  2. Asatrump

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    I welcome you to the pray board. My condolences regarding your parents. You are facing so many things all at once yet somehow I got the feeling reading your post that you are pulling it all together. Blessings for all that you have done.

    I ask God the Father to be with you, to hold you up, to get you through the bad times and for strength in dealing with all you face.

    You are welcome anytime to post here. Many people will pray but not all can reply, so please understand that.

    You may want prayer each week and if so please find the post that is written in capital letters, regarding prayer night, and it will contain the Thursday date for the following week. Each week you enter prayer requests again.

    I think you are doing a courageous job.
  3. dejovu

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    Nice to meet you. We have been praying for you since 10/15.

    That sweetie Prickles gave us headsup that you were going thru a real tough time. (somedays it scares me to think how much energy she had before FM)...Tee/Hee.

    It is amazing how God has brought us all together. I will continue to pray for you and your family. Blessings, De
  4. Jana1

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    It is heartening to read each of your replies. Aren't friends one of the best of God's gifts? I don't have many in real life right now, as I am in with the FM so much.

    Prickles did post a prayer request for me, fancy you remembering that! She is surely a power house. I feel I know quite a few people on these boards..even some nicks I have never even posted to!

    This has been an easier day for me. Thank you, all.

  5. lvjesus

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    You have my sympathy and prayer, sister. When my Mother passed away at 58 from cancer 5 years ago I found a board on grief and healing and so many people said there that no matter how old you are when your parents are gone, you feel like an orphan.

    I know that at 36 I was not ready to lose my Mother. My Dad and I have not been close but have gotten closer since my Mom died (they were divorced when I was 17).

    God will see you through, as you well know. Hang on to what you have with all you have. Grief is a process and you to go through it and not around so allow yourself to cry as you need to.

    I fought it with all I had until it would burst forth is a great flood. All during my Mom's illness I could talk freely of what was going on but for months and months after I could not even bring myself to vocalize that she was gone.

    I could write it, like in an email or on the board, but the words would not pass my lips. I would open my mouth to say something and literally, nothing would come out. My husband kept saying he thought I should see a councelor, but how could I talk to a stranger when I could not talk to my own family?

    I know she is in Heaven and I will see her again someday and I am better now, but all these things take time. You won't get over it, but it will get easier.

    God Bless you,
  6. bandwoman

    bandwoman New Member

    It is nice to meet you. I prayed for you quite a bit when Prickles first posted about your mom dying and you had to have the strength to go to Arizona. I lost my Dad a little over a year ago and I can emphathize. I can't imagine losing both parents in such a short time. I am so very sorry for your lose. I am happy that you are feeling closer to the Lord and that your son and his men made it home safely. I will pray for your sister. You take care and know that many will be praying for you.

  7. lovethesun

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    with both parents passing away in such a short time.I will pray for you and also pray for your sister to find the way.I'a glad to meet you..I'm happy that you're son made it back. My daughter just finished her 1st tour in Baghdad.I know the tension of having a child over there(a grown-up child).Linda
  8. kgangel

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    HI Jana

    God Bless you for all you have gone through!! I can not imagine lossing my parents so close together. It was so hard for us when my dad died, I am so grateful to still have mom around through all that.

    I am so grateful for your son and his group, so glad they are back unharmed, Please thank them from me for all they have done for us and our country.

    God bless you and may the Lord be with you always

  9. Jana1

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    Rereading each of your posts helps me to get braver and more sure of God's work in my life.

    Kgangel, lovethesun, bandwoman, tigress, and the first ones who answered me...I think it is a true blessing that you guys not only talked about my parents, but remembered my son and sister, also!

    Littlebluestream, you gave me a new thought when you said it was no coincidence that God had started pulling me back to Him before all this happened. I have tried going back and remembering how it all came about and I can see the plan, now.

    Dejovu, asatrump, Padavis, and hangininthere and each of you said something different to me, but each comment built me up!

    I love each of you in the Holy Spirit and you are all part of God's work with me.

  10. pepper

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    I am so sorry! Losing both parents in five weeks is an unimaginable tragedy. I lost both my parents in two years and found it difficult to cope.

    I don't have the energy to read through this entire post tonight but couldn't pass this by without offering my condolences.

    You have so much to be thankful for but it must be difficult to see through your tears, dear friend. Thank God that your son and his men have arrived home safely. I will pray that he and his family adjust to their lives together.

    Thank God that you are finding your way back to the Lord. I hope that you will use this Worship Board to help you with that. When you witness all the prayers being answered and the love and nurturing on this board, you will grow in faith. I know that I have.

    I will pray that God will help your sister realize that she needs help. And that she seeks it.

    I am praying for you at this difficult time. Just know that your mom and dad are sitting with Jesus and watching over you.

    My sister, who did not believe in an afterlife, saw my mom twice after her death and became a believer! It was a tremendous comfort to her to know that our mom is okay.

    Blessings and hugs.
  11. Jana1

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    Thank you so much for the encouraging words. I agree with you that this board is a big help in getting back to a more spiritual way of God credit for His promises...realizing that we are not meant to understand all that happens in our lives.

    I look forward to looking at some of your posts over time..I have done this with others who answered me and find that we all have much in common...the main thing being our trying to listen to God and loving others through this board.

    Thank you again, Jana