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  1. willow

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    I wanted to post this sooner but I wanted to wait til I found out a little more first.

    My pastor's wife (of 10 years) had a couple of mini-strokes last week. Her team of docs met at Mayo Clinic and decided the risk of surgery out-weighs the risk of NOT doing surgery. There are several major things going against her. She had a liver-transplant on 5-5-00, and the whole world was praying for her. We had just had a mission conference at our church with probably 10 countries represented there, plus there was prayer all over the web for her. She also has very thin blood, but they had to put her on blood thinners because she was having the clots. This surgery on Friday is to remove a "mass" from her heart valve.

    You know how preacher's wives are, they are the sweetest people God has placed on this earth! (My grandmother is one, too!) I need all the prayer warriors that will pray for her this Thrusday at the normal prayer time, but I would also appreciate if any of you that God places a special burden for her to please pray for her and the doctors and especially my pastor on Friday morning. I haven't been told the time but He will tell you when IF you are listening.

    Sis. Alexander has several other pretty serious promlems. She got Hepatitis (the worst kind- I can't remember what it is called) from a blood-transplant with the birth of her first child 33 years ago.
    About 3 maybe 4 years ago, she was going to have a very simple surgery done, and you know all those prep tests they run before ANY type of surgery, they found a problem with her liver. So they checked it further with a biopsy and right there on the spot, they were told that she only had 3 mths to live! It was just before christmas.

    I am just as concerned for my preacher. He has high blood pressure and is on meds for it. He is sooooo stressed about her, but tries to hide it because she would worry about his b/p, and she isn't supposed to be stressed.
    I don't know how either one of them would make it without the other one.

    Their son is the principal at our school, so we won't have school Friday and I guess the rest depends on the outcome. I am truly thankful for our church/school, we go the same number of days as public school, but when we have a wedding or a funeral or this kind of surgery, we can either homeschool that day or add on days to the end of the year like they do in the northern states for 'snow days.'

    Any that would, please pray for both of them, and their family (3 grown children, and 7 grandchildren and 2 on-the-way!) (All 3 children work in the school, 5 of the 7 grandchildren attend the school! Little Mikie and Brandon aren't quite old enough yet!) they are really great people, and would do anything for you or anyone else in need.
    Love and Prayers, Willow
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    Willow I have just put your Pastor's wife and family in my 'prayer'book. They sound like such wonderful christian people.

    Friday Jan.25, right? I will start praying the night before for the operation, and now for courage for your Pastor and family.

    God Bless,
    Shalom, Shirl
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    Your request made me think of a book I have on my desk and I wanted to share the laat paragraph on " HOW TO PRAY" with you.

    Today, most people believe prayer results in something postive or that it is neutral and does nothing at all. Almost never do we consider the possibility that prayer can be harmful. Stuck in our beliefs that prayer is either nice or neutral, we find it convenient to ignore prayer. Prayer had become a luxury, something we can drag out of our arsenal if the going gets rough. If we took seriously prayers negative side, we would not be so sanguine, and we would respect the power of prayer much more than we do now. Knowing that prayer could harm us, we would be on our toes. Prayer would become real in every living moment, not an optional frill that can conveniently be ignored.

    Taken from "Prayer is Good Medicine" by Larry Dossey, M. D.
    I will be praying too!
    Your friend,
    ginny from Arkansas
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    From one Pastor's wife to another, I sure will pray for her and her husband and family!

    God is good and has everything in His hands. I pray God will give them His peace, comfort and wisdom for the Dr's. along with God's healing hand.

    In God's Grace,
  5. willow

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    I know not many people come here that often any more, But I want you to know that I truly appreciate the time you have taken to reply, and also, the time you will spend in prayer for my preacher and his family.

    At church last night, they announced ANOTHER problem she has (and if anyone has been thru this or is a nurse for cardiac pts. please respond).
    The original surgery was to remove an "unidentified mass" on a valve to the heart, and replace the valve. Now, they have discovered that she has to have a triple bi-pass also. (1 arterie was 96% blocked another was 80% blocked and the other one was somewhere in between those two.)
    She is a child of God and ready to go if it is her time, I just know how hard it would be on the family. She is the backbone. She is 1 of 10,(siblings), of those, 2 brothers and 2 sisters have not accepted the Lord. Just before they found out about her illness, they had prayed, and told us,they had prayed the 'whatever it takes' prayer. So, they are very confident that God is in control. (But, they are still human and it still hurts like nothing else to lose someone close to you.)
    2 other siblings are already back in church because of her liver transplant.

    We still don't know what time the surgery will be because the cardiologist specializes in heart transplants, and if one should come up before morning, she would be moved back.

    Of coarse our humanly prayer would be to keep her safe and to pray for the surgeons and to allow her to be here for her 7 grandchildren and the 2 on the way she hasn't got to hold yet, BUT, we KNOW that God has a bigger picture than what we are able to see through our 'earthly eyes'.
    So, I would like to ask everyone to pray for God's Will to be done through her, because I know that is what is in their hearts.
    Love and Prayers, Willow

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