My PCP is opening her eyes & her mind...

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    She's been a good doc for annual checkups and flu and sinus infections. But she made it clear, not so much in words, but in attitude, early on that she didn't put much stock in FMS or CFS.

    However, since I've seen so many other docs in the last few years and have made sure she's gotten copies of all my labs, she is no longer Frosty the Snowman to me and now discusses all these things going on with me.

    She had never heard of prolotherapy before today, and actually seemed a bit interested in it and the Pure IGF when I told her about it. She sure was scribbling notes as I told her about them! LOL She's ordered some more labs on me, mostly just annual repeats, but she's added a couple of things to that.

    She was reluctant to taper me off the Paxil at this point though, so I'm going to keep taking it for now. I know now that when I am overwhelmed with stresses and situations to deal with, that's when I have panic attacks, and I have a lot going on now in my life, so I'm going along with her on this for now.

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    I love to read posts like this---there are so many about awful doctor visits, and we've all had them, that it's refreshing to read that maybe one doctor out there is starting to be a little more open-minded & willing to at least consider other ideas, and LEARN.

    We'll call her "a work in progress".....

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    As I find out my doc is leaving me, all of a sudden...I wish, up front, that you could just say, OK, so how long will you be around? (just gave her a huge stack of info on these DDs, which we really never discussed)

    Cause I have gone through this about 8-9 times, now..and once, I get used to one and we have established some ground regarding these DDs, they up and leave town, or the practice, or whatever..

    I guess I am feeling groundless, now, and I need some hope to find a final and good doc...who knows something...Oh, new growing pains, how they hurt...I think I might have to leave this state to find one...

    But, I am glad you are gaining ground with your new doc..wished I lived there...

    Needing some divine hope/guidance,
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    One doc at a time.

    Love, Mikie
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    who is actually treating me for my FMS and *all that other stuff*. But she is one of the first ones I brought all my complaints to. Her only diagnoses for me were osteo arthritis in my hands and panic attacks. This was prior to my second back surgery, when I started to realize there was definitely something *wrong*. Yesterday is the first time she has seemed interested and open minded about any of this.

    While I'm glad she showed that interest, I'm also glad that I have other docs handling my care for everything else, because if I had left it up to her, I'd be in a world of hurt right now.

    But, as I posted about on another thread, I really believe that after you've been seeing a particular doc for a while, they get to know you and realize at some point that you are for real and so is your pain.

    I don't really expect that she will ever actually take on the treatment of FMS in her patients, but I do feel good about the fact that she's not so close-minded now.