My PCP said swelling in arm is part of my fibro problems

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Carlacat, Jan 8, 2003.

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    Geezz!!!! They did a vascular doppler on my arm and it came back okay. Mark Pelligrino said my arm was not part of my fibro now Pcp says it is. I'm so confused I dont know what to other words by my doc saying that then I just have to live with pain, swelling, not being able to use my right arm. This is ridiculas...What kind of doctor do I see for this kind of thing? As it is I have to go back to Cleveland next week to see my heart doc and neuro so all this is overwhelming me. The problem I'm having with my arm and hand is 5 in up from the wrist my inner arm is swollen up to my elbow and its been that way since all my medical problems started. Pain is unbearable if I try and write or use my hand. Carpel tunnel is out cause they did emg and found nothing there. Sorry I'm just venting cause I dont know where to turn to. I got papers from my lawyer today about my ssdi so the fight is on. Thanks for listening to me..
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    that is what we are here for. I can understand your flustration. I would definetley speak with the Neurologist about it when you go see him. That is my opinion. I hope you get some answers and some pain relief soon.
    Big hugs,
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    Where do these doctors get their degrees..