My PCP Say Most Of You Are Unbalanced

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    I let the doctors I had seen try to figure out what had happened to me starting 14 months ago when my entire system collapsed until today. I didn't go on the internet. I didn't throw suggestions at them. I didn't argue with their speculations and head shaking " can't figure this out" responses until after 7 months.

    54 years and never ever did I run to hospitals and ER's and doctors telling them that I felt like I was dying, that my body was in almost complete pain and that I had so many weird scary symptoms all appear at once.

    When I first got sick I was passing out with brady cardia, couldn't walk so weak, tremoring, shaking, lost 35 lbs in 3 months as I couldn't eat with out unbelievable intestinal pain and going into shock, developed tendonitis, torn rotator cuff, fractured vertebrae, intestinal damage to middle intestines and illeum, nerve problems and extreme anxiety and depression and so many other weird things like bronchial asthma, sinusitis, scarring in left lung, low B-12 and testosterone levels, etc.

    Real proven maladies all at once in one year and never diagnosed before in 54 years. And after 7 months of tests and appointments and really disjointed treatment ( one doctor would say, "oh, don't take that, take this, then back to other doctors who would say "that" doctor wasn't giving me the right meds...AAGGGHHH!)

    And finally my main pcp internal medicine doc just kept inferring more and more that my problems were psychological. Incredibly, he finally said to me during my last 2 to 3 visits " I know you don't want to hear this, but I believe your problems are more psychological in nature than physical.

    Now, you board readers here have seen all the never-before-diagnosed real conditions I just listed that were found during this time that all came on AFTER Dec. 2005 when I got a flu, fainted, fell on my head, knocked myself out and was treated at our Local ER with super powerful Levaquin which made me pass out 15 to 20 minutes later.

    Then I was given this Levaquin again for 6 days when all these symptoms first exploded into my system that week while on Levaquin and no other medicine.

    So I finally brought up ( after 6 or 7 months of these doctors getting no results in diagnosing main cause for immune system collapse ) my own little thoughts on how this may have all started, starting with this PCP since he himself gave up and was shoving me into the typical AMA psych/gulag realm when they can't find out what is devastating you.

    And when I told this doc about my speculations about at least looking at Levaquin and it's well reported adverse reactions as well as this board and others and how thousands of people were reporting extreme similar symptoms as I...he said" People on those boards are generally unbalanced."

    Hmmm, really? I actually asked him, " you are serious?" to which he replied " oh, absolutely."

    My feeling about people on this board is that they are by and large some of the most courageous, decent, caring, intelligent and mentally sharp and normal people I have ever met. They have spent more time researching in logical ways subjects on this board that most of them would qualify for a college degree if there were subjects like this taught in acadamia.

    Now this board insulting doctor couldn't find out what triggered or what is still causing my entire body breakdown in the last year, and at the same time he refuses to even discuss the possibility that the super powerful Levaquin may have been in any way involved with this, then, to frost the cake he flat out tells me that the boards and people I have been interacting with here to get more information in my struggle to identify and cope with whatever it is that has ravaged me( and he is meaning me too ) are "unbalanced."

    I am declaring right here and now what I see to be a huge and sad truth and wrong in this country.

    That by and large way too many ( I assert most ) of our AMA certified physicians are negligently and unethically not only in a state of denial about our maladies but they also have a blatant, insulting, devastatingly discouraging and hope destroying bias about people complaining about difficult to diagnose maladies...and they derogatorically refer to us as more psych patients than physical injury ones.

    That is a nationwide, patient devastating injustice. That goes so against any ethics they may have been taught and especially their own hypocratic oath.

    It's time they were called to task about this.

    I wish I could write a book about this very wide spread injustice. I also wiah I had connections to get this book out into the mainstream. ( I just don't have the talent, energy, patience, funds or education to do so )

    I feel we need to reign in these 10's of thousands of defaming, hurtful, negligent and unethical doctors regarding the issue of tens of thousands of people like us suffering under what WE KNOW is a real illness...and something that isn't more in our heads than our bodies.

    It is amazing how hugely prevalent and across-the-board this abusive attitude is and how accepted it is, within our national network of AMA doctors.

    And especially considering that the number of people coming down with Fibro, CFS, immune system problems is growing!

    And when you are dismissed and treated like this by doctors ...where do you go? If you are in a small town, what other doctors can you see? And you and I know all too well how exhausting, time consuming, discouraging, depressing and stressful and expensive it is to change doctors anyway. You have to coordinate transfering your records, you have to start all over, It takes so much time and more test for them to really get into your problems and it may be a much farther drive.

    It is a crying shame, I know. This humiliating, insulting, frustrating, life draining, spirit, hope and heart breaking experience has reduced me to tears many times.

    This country is a disgrace as far as the attitude and treatment by doctors toward patients like us who are suffering from these hard to diagnose illnesses. Their heartlessness, arrogance, spoiled ego's and closed minds are out of control!

    Add to this a purposeful shortage of doctors, ERs and hospital rooms. I want to share a secret with you.

    You think these institutions want enough of these that they aren't booked solid every day for months? Wake up. These people WANT this shortage. They don't want to have empty appointment times, beds, no ER patients and the large bills they produce.

    I am disgusted not only with this wide spread, medical system accepted, doctors mistreatment attitude behavior but with their business minded monopoly that purposely creates these shortages to keep their services, beds and care in such demand they will always be booked and they charge can what they want.

    Personally going through this truly life and death "undiagnosed immune system collpase" crisis and experiencing this shockingly common mistreatment at the hands of doctors, has brought so much all out in the open to me...and I'm sure many of you.

    I will do my best to keep this tragic and widespread injustice out there. I write to health editors at all the major newspapers. I ask them to visit these sites. But I never hear back.

    But I feel I must keep trying.

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  2. code34me

    code34me New Member

    That was an amazing post! I feel the same way! I am such a stong person and still have been in denial of how bad I feel and how sick I am. But the symtoms dont let me stay in denial for long.

    This is not in my head it is in my body and everyday is a fight to get through! Who would ever want to feel that way everyday? Not one of us here!

    Some of these doctors are generic in my eyes! They have learned the basics of being a doctor and function at a generic level to me. They dont look beyond what they dont understand and dont have the desire to.

    I am lucky to have run across an Infectious Desease doctor during one of my hospital stays for an bacterial infection in my stomach (caused from taking antibioticts for the dentist.) He knows there is something bigger going on here and has the desire to figure it out.

    So my next step to make my life somewhat pleasent is to go and see what he can come up with? I have a 4 year old son and a 14 year old daughter that I want to be here for!

    I want to live!!!!!!!! A decent life is all I am asking for. It is not in my head and I am not unbalanced at all (I am far from it!)

    I alwaws say "Take care of you" at the end of my post because I believe that is the only person who will (YOU!) No one can do it like you can, or wants to like you can.

    You got me going I am going to stop for now and get kids going this morning.

    Take care of you! Codey
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  3. openyourmind

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    I just learned about a friend who died of leukemia--she kept telling the doctor how much pain she had, and he told her it was "in her head". She was in her 20's.

    I have really been comforted by reading suggestions and experiences of members of this forum--
  4. maxwedge

    maxwedge New Member

    Most of the doctors in this country stopped learning the day they got out of med school. The great news is by using the internet wisely we can know more about our own diseases then our doctors do and they hate that. My messege to all that read this is, if your doctors are not helping you, you must help yourself. You must take control of your own health, do your research on the internet, be skeptical of everything you read and verify via clinical studies. There are many helpful things out there but you must find them.

    Best wishes to all,
  5. ravenpaige

    ravenpaige New Member

    Personally, my experience with most doctors is that they're generally unbalanced. :)
  6. elizajane40

    elizajane40 New Member

    I have fibromyalgia, depression and arthritis in my lower spine. All my problems started with a ruptured disk at c5/6. I get one bladder infection after another. I was given Levaquin for a bladder infection. It made me SO sick, nausea came in like tidal waves, it made my head so fuzzy and strange and so heavy I didn't want to hold it up. I made my depression kick into it's very worst, deepest darkness. I will never take levaquin again.

    Now I take a less potent antibiotic after sex, which seems to prevent the infection altogether. Why didn't they think of that BEFORE they sent me into space with Levaquin????

    UGH !!!!!! I have to agree with your post with all my heart and mind !!!!!
  7. imjill

    imjill New Member

    I do NOT understand why noone wants to believe it but when they gave us broad spectrum antibiotics that killed our gut flora ( our natural preservatives ) our bodys start decomposing from the inside out ... We ALL have candidaemia least try and look at the big picture all NO CURE diseases since antibiotics were introduced .
    all start in the intestines, everything that was given antibiotics also has problems ...70% increase in dog anxieties liver and kidney damage
    mad cow
    bird flu
    10 fold rise in candidaemia
    DO you think they want to admit that is what they did?
    and miss out on all the money were making off not knowing
    for research
    EVERY disease HAS THE EXACT SAME symptoms as an invasive fungal infection.. It started coming out of my skin .. I turned yellow from toxic poison .I KNOW I LIVED IT.. Do not suffer more than you have too .. take natural anti fungals starting NOW
  8. ulala

    ulala New Member

    system is in our stomachs. What natural antifungals do you take or can you recommend? Are you getting better from taking them? Thanks!

    Best wishes!
  9. joeb7th

    joeb7th New Member

    I noticed also that all my problems started within 24 to 36 hours of taking the monster antibiotic Levaquin, and that they obliterated my intestinal tract.

    I think you are right about our intestinal tracts being destroyed and everything else falls down after that. Can someone post some basic info how to get these damaged intestinals tracts back to something normal?

    Thanks, JB
  10. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    Yes ... I am unbalanced too.

    Haven't you been told that your problems are caused by sleep apnea yet? I was told that (as were others here too).

    People are a trip.

    I have never "judged" ill people. If you tell me you are ill I will say "Sorry to hear that. Hope you feel better soon. If there is anything I can do to help you please let me know ... etc". I have only had ONE person show any kind of real empathy. She is old enough to be my Mother, but at least she cared enough to call me and ask if I was OK and if I needed anything.
  11. Elisa

    Elisa Member

    What a fantastic post - absolutely true - I am in 100% agreement.

    It is so sad that if they cannot diagnose an illness they ridicule the patient.

    It is widespread. I am near the Cleveland Clinic and it is now a sad bastion of mediocrity. The McDonalds of Medicine. More interested in recruiting every doctor, regardless of credentials. Quality is not the issue - gaining as many patients is. First time visits, the highest reimbursed visit, is the goal. Repeat patient visit is not. The latter says it all. Procedures that make money reigns - not the diagnosis or the appropriateness of the treatment nor effectiveness. It's sick really.

    The backlash will be private practictioners that reject the hospital chain mentality.

    Anyway, Joeb, you really captured the pain, frustration and sickness of the system and the docs disregard and disgust for their patients.

    I really feel they are, in the most part, adversarial and not working with the patient at all.

    That is what makes the good doctors so amazing and so easily recognizable - they lack the blatant disregard and distaste for their patients.

    Thanks again Joeb - its good to know that those of us that have had to visit doctors share the same feelings!


  12. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    Your comment about doctors being a threat to national security if unidentified bioterrorism diseases are let loose is an extremely good one.

    if I were a bioterrorist (which I'm NOT!!!), I think I would focus on creating something that would incapacitate people but not kill them.

    It would take a long, long, long time for the medical community to come to the conclusion that there was a problem and then address it in that case.

    But it's the nature of Americans never to prepare for potential problems until they've already occurred.

    Look at how surprised people were about the 9/11 attacks. "Who would have ever thought that someone would try to fly a plane into the White House?"

    This despite the fact that Sam Byck (if very unsuccessfully) made an attempt to do exactly this in 1975.

    This is scary. Then again, I suppose every age is scary, and so there's no reason why this one would be any different.

    Best, Lisa

  13. twitcher

    twitcher New Member

    I completely agree with everything you said and also agree that Levaquin could have caused it. That drug can cause some serious, long-lasting or permanent problems for some people.

    You may not have the funding to write a book, but you certainly have the intelligence and articulation to do so.

  14. wornout2

    wornout2 New Member

    Right on joeb! You are speaking the truth. I've had CFS ten years this year. I stopped looking for "help" from allopathic MD's about six years ago. In my opinion, CFS is a medically induced illness. Most everyone I know with this illness came down with it the same way I did. They were over prescribed anti-biotics for too long. In my case it was for recurring sinus infections. They will never tell the truth about this illness because of the obvious legal implications. CFS is just one of many illnesses that are medically induced. The blogger who uses natural anti-fungals is on the right track. I still struggle with this but have had noticeable improvement by doing certain anti-fungals along with good cleanses (bowel and liver) and taking Dr. Shulze's "Superfood". You MUST do cleanses, detox and and use quality supplements. And most important==Stay far away from anti-biotics if possible. These so called doctors today make a mockery of Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine. He said "let your food be your medicine". This is an important part of my regimen too. Like Kevin Trudeau says "it's all about the money". For the Drug Industry and Food Industry. Keep learning and keep fighting. Great Post!
  15. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    There are some doctors (the majority) who are just running businesses and trying to make as much money as possible. The really good doctors are few and far between. You have to wait months to get in to see them.

    We have experienced that ourselves. We live in a big city with tons of doctors but drive 50-100 miles to see the best doctors we can find, and it is worth it.

    I won't go into all the details, but these days, you have to keep changing doctors until you find a good one. The best are located within teaching hospitals, with good reputations - usually professors or heads of departments.

    There is a huge difference in doctors and you must move on when you have a dud. There really are good ones out there, but they are usually harder to see. The wait it worth it though. You will know immediately when you have a good doctor so don't waste you time with a bad one.

    Montell Williams had to see 28 doctors before getting his diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. He was very sick and going through the same thing. He was just talking about that the other day.
  16. IntuneJune

    IntuneJune New Member

    Jooeb7th stated " our AMA certified physicians are negligently and unethically not only in a state of denial about our maladies but they also have a blatant, insulting, devastatingly discouraging and hope destroying bias about people complaining about difficult to diagnose maladies...and they derogatorically refer to us as more psych patients than physical injury ones.

    That is a nationwide, patient devastating injustice. That goes so against any ethics they may have been taught and especially their own hypocratic oath. "

    This is a world wide attitude, world wide problem, sadly.


  17. If we are all unbalanced then why do these drs. keep giving us prescriptions for neurontin, lyrica, mirapex, etc. etc.
    My rheumatologist quit seeing new fibromyalgia patients and only sees his current ones as he said they take up too much of his time and he can't see his arthritis patients. HELLO! Doesn't that tell you there are alot of us suffering here, we all can't be unbalanced. I wish they could live in our shoes for a week or two and see how they enjoy it.
  18. sascha

    sascha Member

    Excellent post. Stated powerfully and well.

    such doctors are truly ignorant, but something in their training or personality makes it impossible for them to admit there might be a realm of phonomena that they don't comprehend. they could never ever concede this.

    i wish you would write a book, too. You are definitely not the only one experiencing this insulting treatment at the hands of "professionals." I have heard of other such tales.

    please don't work with that doctor anymore. find someone else, and report back to us. best of luck to you- Sascha
  19. ikumdo

    ikumdo New Member

    Joeb, your profile is blank, but whomever you are, wherever you are, you've got my attention. And whatever you do I'm ridin with you because you have said so eloquently what I've been wanting to say for a few years now. The fog, oh the fog!!!!!!
  20. joeb7th

    joeb7th New Member

    Not much to profile on me.

    What I've accomplised in life I attribute to my wife.
    My kids I love. And I am big on tolerance, compassion, forgiveness and sharing...and I'm especially big on fairness.

    But now that I personally "know" how much suffering you all are going trough here and have gone through because I myself have gone through this...I am the kind of guy who will stand up and fight for anyone I think is being treated unfairly or being abused.

    I think the majority of victims suffering from the almost impossible to diagnosis illness we have are not only suffering 10 times worse than the average person and general public knows...but we are at the same time being dismissed and neglected and humilitated by the AMA, by and large.

    This tragedy and injustice is real and it's wide spread and involves at least tens of thousands of us.

    Right now, I have been writing piece after piece to every major papers health editor including the Chicago Sun-Times, Baltimore paper, Kansas City paper, San Francisco paper, Seattle paper, L.A. Times.. They never get back.

    But I believe that by doing this week in and week out ...when someone in the journalism field actually comes down with one of our illness and goes through what we have to go through, he or she may remember my articles and put out a piece that will trigger a national debate and expose this horrendous, hurtful and unethical behavior toward us by too many medical doctors.. Maybe even a great book.

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