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    I had my annual physical ystdy and when I got out of shower I had my mom help me put a dot w/ a sharpie on EVERY one of my tender points..poor mom was crying by the time we got to my hips I have so many. But I asked doc if she would document them on one of those pics of a front and back of a person so that I could turn it into SSD for reconsideration. I want them to know that I don't have just 11 or even 18 tender points...that I have more than 50 on each side...I suspect that some of those are Myofascial Pain syndrome, but they ALL have an exact counter spot on opposite side of body..don't know if MPS does that or not. She agreed and had a nurse come in to play "connect the dots" on the diagram and doc signed and dated and stated my patient name, number and that these were her documented fm spots.!!! yayyy..hope it helps...(no wonder Ihave such horrible pain). The only place that wasn't covered in dots was my forearms, and back of my spots there..hmm?

    I also thanked her again for writing an affidavit to turn into SSD for me, and she said "I'm trying to do EVERYTHING I can for you, that I have a lot of patients that come in and THINK they have fm, but you are the ONLY patient that really HAS it, and has it severely"..She also prescribed me muscle relaxers as well as the valium I'm already on, because the spasms have been sooo bad lately, and my hands are just Killingggggg me..

    Just hoping for some good wishes that this will help with my ssd case, btw..I met my DSHS liason and she actually has fm too, but nowhere NEAR as severe as I do (her words) and told me that she doesn't know how much longer SHE"S going to be able to work! I just hope she doens't have a bout with fbro fog when working on my case!! lolll
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    with your ssd case. I had no one helping me, most of my doctors had no clue, so it took me 5 years, but it sounds like you might get it right away. I just wanted to say don't give up if they turn you down. Keep appealing until you get it and they have to give you your money retroactive from the date you first applied. Your case sounds like mine with so many tender points. I was diagnosed 16 years ago and they never looked past the 18 spots but I have been diagnosed with at least 7 different chronic pain diseases. Once again, good luck and keep your chin up.
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    What a great idea. My rheumatologist told me that they are now finding more than the original 18 tender points.

    This is why sometimes thinking out of the box can be very helpful.

    Will keep my fingers crossed about your DDS.

    I will be looking for your posts.

    Take care,
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    That is a great idea you came up with! I never would have thought of that. It must be quite an ordeal though. I know I have far more than 18 tender points too. And tender points are not the right words really, unbelievably painful points is more accurate, huh?

    Good luck on your case.

  5. MarthaB

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    I have FM. I've been reading the boards and have seen many people talk about spasms? Is this a symptom of FM or something else? Is it a common symptom? Can you describe it?


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