My Pet Peeve Re Cell Phone Usage

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by lgp, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. lgp

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    This is something that has irritated me for some time. I am curious if others find it offensive and rude.

    For some time now, I have observed signs in numerous establishments that essentially read, "We will not wait on/ring up any customer engaged in a cell phone conversation." I think this is an honorable policy, and do think it is rude for people to carry on essentially mindless conversations while a clerk is trying to ring up their purchase. I even taught my children some time ago that this was rude behavior.

    With that in mind, I am appalled by the amount of businesses that have cashiers yakking on their cell phones while ringing up customers. I was in the supermarket, getting a large order, and the cashier was on her cell phone THE WHOLE TIME. I was furious by the time I left. The regular manager was on vacation; I will make a comment to her when she returns.

    Earlier today, I waited in the car while my teenage daughter ran into the local bagel shop to get bagels and tuna. She got into the car, exasperated, and when I asked her what was the matter, she said, "Mom, the guy was on his cell phone the whole time; he acted as if I was interfering with his conversation." I asked her who it was--wasn't the owner who I frequently do business with, but I will mention it to him the next time I see him. I really think this is horrible social behavior. Do you?


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  2. lilaclover30

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    i'm too tired to tell you how I really feel but~~~~~~~~~~for cashiers to talk on phone while ringiong me up---grrrrrr.

    In grocery store aisle, why do you need to visit now?????/

    no more ranting but I feel just as you do

  3. Juloo

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    I must be from a small town or something, because I've only just seen my first case of this in the last month. I was [THIS] close to just reaching up and slapping her.

    So I'm in your corner on this one.
  4. sisland

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    I'm in the non useage group too! Grew up without anything that even resembled a cell phone ,,,,so they seem like foreign objects to me!,,,,LOLOL,,,People are sooooo inconsiderate when it comes to cell phones!,,,,

    But they are getting banned from more and more places all the time!,,,,,I havn't seen a Grocery clerk useing one yet while doing checkout but i did see a kid in a big retail store who had a bluetooth on while checking,,,,,,,Frustrating!,,,,,Sis
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    Laura et al,

    AAACCCKK!!! Don't get me started. I have seen so much rude behavior with it especially the much younger people, not so say that older ones are not rude too. I also have a CP but do not use it while driving but it is with me. If someone calls me it is usually my DH. If I pick it up iot is for me to tell him where I am and get off really quick. Sometimes I will call when I get to my destination.
    Mostly my kids and DH have my CP number

    Some time ago I was in a doctors office and youg woman in her late teens or early 20's I would guess was in the waiting room having a LONG converstaion with a friend. It went on and on. Then one older man, older than I (-: blurted out "young lady do you realize how rude that is talking like that on your CP in a doc's office" (or something like that. Well she got really embarrassed, turned it off and then went outside to probably do some more calling. To some people is is like another appendage. To me it is something to use for an emergency for for some long distance calls that will cost us less to use it than the regular ones.

    I think sometimes we need more brave people to step up like this older gentlemean did to shock these people who don't use their brains properly.

    People talk on it all the time in their cars while driving on the freeways. It must be nice to have so much confidence in their abilities to control the car with one hand, esp if an emergency situation comes up. I hate to even adjust my radio when I am driving but I am probably extremely cautious .

    I just wish some of these people, esp the young ones would think before they start calling all their friends whereever they are, grocery or other stores just to name a few. Somehow, we all did survive without them didn't we BUT they are sure wonderful in an emergency.

    Sometime I wonder if some of our youth are being taught basic manners anymore ! Yes,it is teribly rude for someone to be talking on a CP while at any checkout or when talking to someone else ( or in anyone else presence) unless it is an emergency of course.

    Enough rambling and ranting on for now.

    Hugs and blessings,

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    BILLCAMO New Member

    I find this irritating too.

    But , for some reason , my wife gets upset when I jokingly refer to the cell phone as an "electronic leash".

    Blessings ,

  7. frosty77

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    IMO, cell phone use should be banned by all employees unless they are on break and out of the public eye.

    Cell phone use should be banned for all people standing in any line, on public transit, in public venues, and any place else that is a breach of common courtesy.

  8. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Our son, whom I love dearly, has one in his hand most of the time. He is looking up ball scores, history, etc. and I think sometimes he is NOT listening to me!! And he is 52!

    I have to say that cell phones to come in handy ---- I use ours to do all my liong distance calling ---that is all 3 of our kids. But in stores, dept. stores, cars, restaurants, etc. I hate them,~~~~~~~grrrr again.

  9. fibromickster

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    I agree with all of the above and has always taught my daughter the etiquette of their cell phone usage, however, I would just like to say, the one good thing about cell phones is that I can always get ahold of my kids and there is never an excuse for them not to call me if they are running late or in trouble.

    Therefore, I love cell phones and am thankful for them. People just need to have consideration when using them and children need to be taught the etiquettes of using them.
  10. caffey

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    Why do we feel we always have to be available to everybody all the time? They are trying to pass a law that will make it illegal to drive and talk on your cell at the same time.

    What bugs me is when my son calls on his way home from work and I am his entertainment while he is stuck in traffic. So he sticks me on hold all the time. Sometimes he forgets I am holding and I hang up and then he gets mad because I hung up or he will call and I get 2 words out and he says he has to go. Then there are the dropped calls because of lack of signals. I also hate it in the grocery store and people are talking away or calling home and ignoring what is going on around them and tying up the whole aisle and they are trying to decide what kind of peanut butter to buy. UGH. Now I feel better. lol.
  11. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I am so glad you feel better now. LOL YOu are too funny. I agree that no one should be allowed to talk on the cell phone when driving. They need to just pull over and talk.

    I told both of my daughers I don't care who calls you are NOT to answer the phone when driving even if it is your Mother or Father. Pull over and call us back.

    If they do this I don't know, but I just hope what I teach them they take with both ears open and use their head.