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    I have oodles of pets...15 dogs, 2 cats, a ferret, 2 Pygmy Goats, chickens, 3 geckos, turtles, fish,1 macaw, 1 african grey, 1 patagonian conure, 1 greencheek, 1 nanday, 2 parakeets, 2 quail, 1 cockatiel...*Whhhhoooo!!!* I think I got 'em all...oh, and 2 kids too!!! I think the animals help me because they FORCE me to get up and care for them cannot neglect even one day of not taking care of them.I love each and every one of my animals, and I believe they are helping me to be mobile and have a reason to get up even on my days off work.***Janet***
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    Your house sounds just like mine...I also have a Blue/Gold africian grey..two amazons..3 quakers...3 parekeets...and one cockatiel. Plus I have 2 dogs, and one cat..and 4 children, one about a house full.
    It is bad enough trying to clean up after the people let alone the birds, but they birds, give me the reasons to get up as well.Someone asked about pet therapy, boy I think that we sure have lots of reasons to get up and about each day!

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    Yes our households do sound similar!!!!LOL. I am a bird lover too...just got my grey(he's 5yrs old) recently.Have always wanted one, and finally had a chance to get him, so I did. Is yours very talkative? Max sure is, and a better talker than my shamrock macaw.:eek:)
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    how exciting!! I used to raise Quakers and lovebirds, and at one point had about 40 birds (including babies). I'm down to 2 Quakers, 2 lovebirds, and dachshund and the World's Oldest Living Betta.

    I know what you mean about having to care for your critters. I finally reached the point where I couldn't care for most of them and placed them in loving homes. I still miss my Hahn's macaws :( but I'm in touch with their owners and all are doing well.

    Jan ^v^

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    I have 4 great dane dogs, 2 mutts, 3 yorkies, 3 horses, I have an avairy: all kinds of birds from finches to macaws. I love animals too! I am getting another blue and gold macaw tomorrow. I can't wait!