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    Hello again to everyone who read my post on (my bad experience at PMC) AND ALSO WHO READ Abbylee`s post on her pharmacy troubles Well his name is Tom,so i nicknamed him Tom Thumb;and believe me thats one of the nicer names i`ve called him; since he did me the way he did about that script;writing on it where i couldn`t get it filled nowhere else. my hubby took a script of 60 percocet;the one the horrid pmc doc wrote out for me. anyway he comes back home with it and my xanax for the month. i looked at the bottle when it came in,i thought it looked a little full for just 60 pills so when i started to fill my meds up for the week,

    as i have so many i have to have a medicine tray to put them in. well after i got started on the percocet;i could tell there was a whole lot more than 60,actually there was 120,which is usually the amount my reg. doc. gives me . but the thing is,he had that paper that they all give you with
    all the info. on it and the price. when i saw the price he had put on there,i knew that man was smoking something or just plain off his gourd. he had charged us 72.00 as a copay,our copay never exceeds 50.00 no matter how expensive the drug is. what got me was ,he had 60 pills typed on the paper,but everything e3lse typed on it was like for 120 that i usually get. now that leaves me with a dilemma.

    ok gals give me your honest opinion. would you take the extra 60 pills back,try to get him to understand the very grave mistake he`s made and point out he overcharged me as well. Orrrrr!!! Do i keep mum,and the extra 60 pills since i did pay for them and then some. i don`t want to get anyone in trouble,not even him,but that man had to be on something to mess that presc. up like he did. you better believe i`m going to be watching this fellow and keep count of all my pills. so write back girls, i want to know what you think. a part of me says (you need to take them back) the other part says(shut your face) and mouth and just keep quiet and see what if anything he says about it. i bet he hasn`t caught it and (probably never will) if his bookkeeping don`t get any better. i want to do the right thing;if i keep quiet will he get in trouble,or if i say something will it get him in trouble. oh yes and my hubby said a girl was filling them,but he checked them after she was through. i truly do not know what to do.
    the thought of the extra pills is good,which like i said he overcharged on the copay,any which way you look at it.
    ok girls,don`t hold back give me only your honest opinion
    write back asap.
    can`t wait to hear what you say.
  2. Shannonsparkles

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    What if he's making worse mistakes with someone else? Good to give him a heads-up. :)
  3. tjlibby

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    It makes me nervous what mess up he will do next time? The right medication? If people don't speak up... you know the rest. ((Hugs)))TJ
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    i hate to say this but i would say something, i would act kinda stupid and say something to someone else, call in and say the situation and see what happens, since you paid for them they will probably have you keep them anyway, however, there is a good chance the guy could lose his job. but you just got extra pills, what if someone gets pills that could kill them? just my opnion.
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  6. rigby

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    I called in for a refill own on of my med and I got a bottle of antibotic. I called the phaam. and told them what I needed and what they did. They told me I could bring them back and they would fill the other. I told him he already got the med approved by doctor I ould keep them but to fill the one I needed.
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    I'm a pharmacist, and I know that if I made a mistake like that I would want to know! I am a perfectionist and something like that would bother me forever!
    Even though we are only human mistakes like that are just unacceptable, we have to be professional and ethical and on the ball at all times and and make quadruply sure of everything we do and dispense.
    It could make a life or death difference in some cases, and being a pharmacist you take that responsibility.
    I'm sorry you had such a bad experience, find another pharmacist, not all of us are like that!

  8. orachel

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    First of all "mr. thumb" is clearly an imbecile, or lets just give him the TOTAL benefit of the doubt out of kindness, and assume he has some sort of medical cognition issue (Brain fog, anyone? lol) that causes him to make this many of these kinds of DANGEROUS and POTENTIALLY FATAL errors...

    I think if I were you I would absolutely call the pharmacy, and make SURE that you speak to the manager of the dept, head pharmacist whatever, and simply explain your confusion or concern re: DOUBLE the amount of a controlled substance, and the overcharging. I'd be nice abt it...and certainly don't call him "tom thumb" or anything worse to his supervisor! LOL Just explain it in a "hey I'm confused and concerned abt this, and btw couldn't this be dangerous or fatal if was done in different circumstances?" kind of way.

    I'd go this route for a few reasons:

    1) Thumb up his bum clearly has problems. Who knows if he recorded 60 or 120 pills to his computer system, your insurance co, etc...Someway, somehow, either the pharmacy itself reports 120 to the insurance co, and they dispute something abt it (because they can see how much you pay also!) and report (and this would be worst!!) to your docs or pharmacy itself.

    In my opinion, theres no way you won't get caught...this not only COOKS you in the sense of being considered even more suspiciously (drugseeker-ish) than we normally have to contend with (which is something we're all responsible in my opinion to fight and prove wrong every day...any dishonesty on any one of our parts about meds/dosages/etc really does have the potential to affect the way all of us are "viewed" by the medical community...that's just my opinon, and I sure don't mean anything personal abt that. I mean literally all of us have to take responsibility to contribute only positively to the medical/pharmaceutical's overall "impression" of us, so SO MANY OF US don't have to suffer constantly bc there is just no possible/legal way for them to get pain meds because of the "stigma" on us!!! So I hope you didn't think I meant you specifically! lol!). Getting caught (which is inevitable at some point imo) could also be LIKELY to seriously put your relationship with all your healthcare providers in jeopardy. They flat out aren't gonna give you a tylenol 3 if they think you're being "sneaky" or "dishonest" in any way (and clearly this isn't your fault!! but not reporting it could definitely be seen as dishonesty, and could be very very bad for you if suddenly you have to jump thru even more hoops to get the meds that (hopefully) begin to help your pain...imagine if you just flat out couldn't get them? Scary, huh?

    Your doc who gave you that prescription scheduled some sort of a follow up appt, right? He's gonna expect you at that point to be almost out of pills, right? What if pharmacy yahoo dude entered 120 into his controlled drug report or whatever? OMG! Or what if your doc decides to "drug test" you in some way to make sure you're not abusing the meds he prescribed (bc I'm sure you let him know you weren't happy abt the chinzy scrip in the first place, right?). If you've taken even a few of those "extras" out of desperation to help your pain, it could show up to him! AWFUL results....Then whole darn medical community could be alerted to not fill your scrips for controlled substances...Don't they do something like that?

    Whew...this is really long, sorry! But I'm really trying to justify why I feel so strongly abt this, because BELIEVE YOU ME, I know how "tempting" it can be when you're in a TON of pain like I've been. I have an old narcotic (vicodin) that was given to me in very beginning of this illness (thought was a back injury at first) by my pcp. He gave me 90 of them. About a month later, I was diagnosed with the FM, and doc then said he'd PREFER it if I tried to stay away from narcotics, as they weren't his ideal way to treat fm. He's just diagnosing doc...was never really in his care. Since then, and up till yesterday when my new doc gave me something that's supposed to help my pain (provigil) and give energy on top of what i'm on already, I HAVE BEEN DYING IN PAIN. JUST AWFUL, and it took every conceivable ounce of my willpower not to pop one of those vicodins which I knew would help my constant pain...but I also knew that while my doc didn't take them away from me (which he could have done...I take all my filled scrips/pill bottles to all my doc appts)and he only said that he'd "prefer" that I not use them, I knew that he'd be disapointed in me, to say the least, and that could color his view of my willingness to be honest and open with him. I did end up taking about 1-2 vics a week, and each time I called to report to my doc that I'd done it cuz pain was so horrific. Had to cancel 2 appts with his office cuz I just couldn't safely get there in level of pain I was in, so he didn't get upset. But he WOULD HAVE if i'd not been open, or would have been "self medicating" like crazy.

    2) This reason is so simple and easy and concise its scary. If you don't report this to the head pharmacist (and if its a chain, you really might wanna go higher than that...maybe director of pharmacists or something at corporate headquarters), and Mr. "all thumbs when counting pills" keeps working there...Its possible that he could literally kill someone. Think of all the elderly people with hardcore scripts who just follow label, and never look further into it than that? What if he screws up a label? Or doesn't NOTICE a potentially fatal allergic reaction or interaction (cuz docs do screw up and not realize potential reaction issues...especially when you're seeing more than one for different things that both prescribe for you, plus herbals!!!). It's the pharmacists JOB to catch those errors, and he's the last line of defense to protect a patient who wouldn't know better. My old business partner ended up with such a terrible (and totally preventable!!) allergic reaction to meds mixing that she was in the hospital for month and half, and they ended up having to remove her gallbladder, and she has MS like symptoms to this day...which then led her to become a drug addict! You are smart enough to have noticed the error, so you are the one who has to be responsible enough to report it as you might be the only one who can prevent something (perhaps somewhat unlikely...but certainly possible!!!) like that from killing someone!

    3) You're clearly an honest person by wouldn't have asked for people to be HONEST with you, other wise...If you were naturally sneaky person, you wouldn't have posted, and if you did, you'd have put a little more positive "spin" on keeping the pills. In my opinion, you wanted someone to "noodge" you slightly into doing what you already know is right thing, but is very hard to do in terms of willpower!

    You were really courageous and honest to stick this up here. I'm sure this isn't the first time "Mr. Needs to THUMB thru the law book and refresh his memory on right way to be conscientious in his JOB" has screwed up, and I guarantee he will keep doing it until someone stops him. That someone is you, apparently! Plus, you'll get a few $ back, which is never a bad thing!! LOL

    Hugs and Health,

    PS....Just cuz you're doing "right" here doesn't mean you can't benefit from time you're at stingy doc's office, tell him your story, and mention you were worried about somebody/you being hurt and you took pills back. It may be just the little extra "noodge" he needs to trust you, and start scriping you what you really need for your problems!

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  9. orachel

    orachel New Member

    Pharmacist feels honesty is best to. Hate for the dude to lose his job, but he didn't make just one mistake he made several, and that seems to show a pattern of "shoddy" work that could kill someone!

    Also, I just met the most AMAZING pharmacy tech last night...some of you are so amazing! I realize that a Pharmacist is whole different level than Pharmacy tech...but I meant "all of you guys behind the counter with the pills~" lol... He'd recently completed his training (really young dude) and I was having a ROUGH time walking, kinda hobbling and using shopping cart to hold me up. He asked me if I needed help, and was I ok...I told him yep, just have FM which affects the way I walk sometimes (all the dang time, actually!). He just "lit up"! So excited to ask me questions etc, and really just wanted to learn all he could, esp abt herbals/supplements combined with meds for care of FM/CFS. He was so cool,helpful and interested in the effort of helping others, that I told him about this site and that there may be people here that would LOVE to pick his brain re: interactions/issues with certain side effects etc. He looked us up right then and there, and said he'd do all he could to help!!!! Isn't that amazing??? Just wanted to send a little "brag" for you and all those who are so good in your profession!!! Just like any profession, there can be a few bad apples who seem to color perception of the whole bunch.

    Just wanted to let you know also that your wedding picture is flat out, knock down stunning! Looks like a "movie still" yanked right out of a Fred Estair/Ginger Rodgers movie! I'm a wedding photo nut, and yours is one of the best I've EVER seen, which is saying a lot! You are a stunning bride, and you've got love written all over your face from cheek to cheek! Congrats! Ps...did you sepia tone it yourself on photoshop, or something, or did your (fantastic!) photographer do it? I've been thinking about playing with some of my pics to try sepia...or even the great thing they do with aged sepia toned look, plus very light "water color" effect just on certain a bouquet, or my little girls hairbow, or something. You just inspired me to get on it, so thanks!!

    Hugs and Health (to YOU and all your clients! lol)
  10. rileyearl

    rileyearl New Member

    I'm with Doxy. I would tell his boss or, if he is the boss, tell him exactly what happened. Then after he takes the 60 pills back and gives you a refund, I would let him know that you hope he is more careful in the future, but you won't be taking any chances and will be transferring your business to the competition. (Easy for me to say!)

    My first thought really was that to fix this would be so exhausting that you should keep the pills and play dumb if someone asks you about it. Wrong first thought. It was the sore legs talking.

    Take care!

  11. phoebe1

    phoebe1 New Member

    You gave some good advice and you are absolutely right about it being a pharmacist's JOB to catch fatal errors that doctor's make, I once caught a drug interaction between an antibiotic and stomach medicine which could've caused the patient to go deaf!

    In any case, we are trained that it is just not acceptable to make mistakes, especially sloppy ones like this particular pharmacist, there is simply no excuse.

    I also love that wedding pic, it was taken almost exactly a year ago (24 Sept) and not by my photographer, but by my cousin who does it for a hobby while we weren't looking and waiting for the photographer to change films.
    She took it on a sepia film, I think, I couldn't even begin to know how to do it myself :)


    P.S. I just took a look at your profile and your photo is stunning! What a beautiful bride, you look really happy!
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  12. sofy

    sofy New Member

    We are all capable of mistakes but if this guy is making repeated mistakes with you then who knows what he is doing to others.

    Be sure you check you pills carefully to be sure they are what they are suppose to be. Not just the name but the strength. If he is making paper mistakes he could be making product mistakes.
  13. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    take them back and get my money back
    also. AND I would call my insurance company and get it on my record. It's good for your appearance of honesty AND that you are not so hung up on the meds that you'd cheat.
  14. orachel

    orachel New Member

    Just wanted to know I got your msg!

    Go you! for catching that doc's mistake...humans are flawed by nature, plus add the extra special bonus of illegible handwriting, and UHOH! I never did understand how ya'll could read that mess!

    You cousin did an amazing job! Isn't funny how kinda candid photos always end up being the most emotionally expressive? And why oh why do photographers always have to change film at "kodak moment" time!

    Thanks much for the compliments...

    Happy trails!
  15. TXFMmom

    TXFMmom New Member

    As a medical professional, REPORT HIM. Don't, however, do it to him.

    Call the pharmacy board and tell them what you told us. About him writing on the prescription so you couldn't get it filled again, and now the overcharge and the over prescription.

  16. bapakay

    bapakay New Member

    i wonder how this pharmacist will account for giving you 60 extra pills of a regulated drug. Iwonder if his narcotic count was off??? the DEA closely watches the narcotic counts. i am a retired nurse and know how paranoid you get if your narcotic count is off when the oncoming shift istaking over!!!
    He might be having problems. Everyone in health care is doing

    the work of two people. While i am not making excuses for him, he may be having some problems. each state has a pharmacy board if you don't get this issue resolved at the store level.
    If it were me, yes i would return the pills. i am suprised they didn't catch it. but i am not familiar how the narcotic counts are done in a drug store. Even if they are on a computer, it will show up eventually.
    I know one of my first symtoms that alerted me that something was going on with my body was calculating drug doses at my job. i did not make a mistake, but it took me so
    long to do the math. this was not at all like me.luckily i had to give it up due to my health.

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