My Plea

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    My Plea


    If any heart is broken, bruised, or bleeding ~
    If any eyes are downcast, feeling blue,
    If any soul is sad and lonely; longing
    To leave this world and come and live with You ...

    If there’s a voice that cannot make the music,
    If there are lips that tremble, saying naught;
    Oh, Lord, give me a heart full of compassion
    And words to say just what You think I ought ...

    To lift a heart, to brighten eyes,
    To fire a soul for You!
    To pass on hope and lighten loads,
    I’d surely for You do!

    The time You measured out for me
    Is slipping ever fast!
    Lord, grant my deep desire to serve
    Before my time is passed.

    Within the heart of one young child,
    Could I, Lord, leave a song ~
    Or words for some boy serving in
    A land that’s far from home?

    Most of all, my plea is made
    To never cause distress.
    Create soft words of wisdom, Lord,
    That produce happiness!

    © 2002 by Joan Clifton Costner