My Poem to Jesus.

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    I wonder if on some days Jesus looks down
    and ponders....
    Does he grin and recall his days long ago
    when on this earth he wandered?

    Does he recall his mother dear
    missing him at the temple...
    as the words hit her heart as she recalled
    the mission you would soon near?

    Dear Savior as you learned your father's craft
    and grew in knowledge and wisdom
    the lesson of work, of facing the task
    of hearing the voice in the wilderness....

    The temptations you faced
    the victories you won'
    The blessings in the temple...

    The blind man at the temple gate
    the pharisee's wish to seal your fate...
    As Rabbi's sat and pondered.

    The lessons you taught
    the battles to be fought
    that long night in the garden...

    On bended knee, I worship thee
    and cry myself to wonder...

    but I understand, dear heavenly man
    our only way to redemption...
    was through your blood and earned godhood
    to Hell then Ascencion.

    If I were a child I hope I'd be
    as humble as you like;
    a heart contrite handed out to you
    my gift gladly given.

    And you would recall when you were that child
    a lad in Galilee...
    We'd dance and sing and dream of spring
    singing Abba Father, Abba.

    CactusLil. 02Nov2002 To my son, William.