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    poopy day 04/18/08 10:01 PM
    To say that I've had a poopy day would be the biggest understatement of the month.

    If it could go wrong, it did go wrong. Now I have to wear a surgical shoe because I broke my toe yesterday. My PCP thinks something is wrong with me, but he wouldn't explain. He thinks this because I have fallen off of my scooter again and just had my stitches out a couple days ago. I also sprained my wrist and broke my toe.I don't know if he thinks I'm the victim of spousal abuse, I'm overmedicated, I'm a hypochondriac, or what???? He thought I was amused at my swollen foot with 4 purple toes. I did have a mischievous expression on my face, but that doesn't mean there is something wrong with me. He wanted me to be upset. I wasn't. I've had rheumatoid arthritis for 59 1/2 years, so what is the big deal about 4 purple toes and one of them broken???? I've had cancer surgery less than a year ago; now THAT was something to be upset about, not a broken toe. I laugh when I get nervous, so the more he questioned me, the more I giggled. I don't think the visit went well---

    Then my brother called and was unusually open about subject matters. He confirms how much my Mother hates me. I've always known this, but it puts the hurt on an elevated level when someone confirms what you already know in your heart. He told me that he was present when my Mother fought vehemently to keep me out of the will. Don't I feel special! She has hated me for as long as I can remember. She has tried to hurt me for as long as I can remember. I live a 1,000 miles away from them; that is as close to them as I want to be. Far, far away. I don't deserve this hate, I have never deserved this hatred from them. My Mother has to play pathetic victim off of someone. I was an easy target. When I left, then she began to pick on one of my younger brothers.

    I moved on with my life about 4 decades ago and never looked back. I know I am a good person and I don't have to prove it to them. They don't even know me. I hope tomorrow is better. I don't need any additional broken bones, or sprained wrists, or stitches in my eyebrows, or teeth broken off when my face hits the street, or black eyes from whacking open my eyebrows when I hit the street. Where is the bubble wrap so I can encase myself in it??????
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    So sorry about the rough time you are having. Man you've got it bad! I also laugh/giggle when I get nervous. I can just picture you at the doctor's giggling!LOL

    I am so sorry about your mother. As you said you have moved on and know you are a good person. Sometimes people can be so cruel and hateful. I am sorry they treat you that way.

    I love that you have a sarcastic humor about things. Sometimes that's what keeps me going when I am feeling hurt. Good luck and I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!
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    Joyfully, when i read the post title i thought it referred to your dog and it was still eating poop like yuo said in another post!

    Im so sorry you are having this 'terrible' time when things just seem to be going wrong all the time.

    What is it with bad things happening to good people? Aaaargh! I feel furious. Ive read a couple of posts today which have made me feel sad. People going thru things they should not have to.

    Praying for all of us who are hurting

    God Bless

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    Thanks for the encouragement. I still need the bubble wrap. I just got home. Now there is a message from my sister that she needs to talk to me. I'm sure it is more bad news from up there. AARGH! I just don't need this. That bunch is chronic drama. If something isn't dramatic enough, they embellish. You believe about 20% of what some of my family members tell you.

    I don't need the drama, the hassle, or the stress. I have enough going on in my own life. They think I have some post concussion syndrome thingy. Oh goody, goody.

    I need to call the vet tomorrow and find out about the rattlesnake vaccination for Rudy. We found a dead baby rattle snake on a sticky pad in the lawn shed. Rudy would be dumb enough to get bit while investigating a snake. I also need to find out about something to make him dislike eating his poop.

    I'd just like to zone out in my recliner for a couple days. As a matter of fact, I just may do that!
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    It sure does sound like you have had a poopy day and more. Sorry for all your "boo boos" (OUCH)! You don't need any more falls for sure.

    However, I can't believe what has been happening with your mother all this time. That is horrible !! Do you get along pretty well with your brother and sister?

    It is so hard for me to understand why a mother would do something like that to her own child but I know a friend of mine who is older than I has has told me for years what she went through with her mother when she was growing up.

    She also had a brother who her mother IDOLIZEFD and of course everything she did was wrong. Lots of mental abuse going on. Her mother was also a hypochondriac and my friends father left after while due to his wifes behavior. She also had that problem where she was afraid to go out of the house. There was lots of stuff going on but my friend now in her 70's still remembers all the stuff that went on . I have heard her stories manay times but just let her talk about it when she needs to.

    Again I am so sorry to hear of her behavior towards you. No, you do not need any more of her hassle . You have enough on your plate hon. I hope you don't feel to horrible with your broken toe, etc.

    A few months ago I kept banging my same toes an they were all black and blue also (might have broken one not sure). I had trouble wearing shoes. I think I needed bubble wrap too on my feet for sure.

    It sounds like you need to go and ZONE OUT in your recliner. You definately have earned your rest and MORE !!!

    Hugs and blessings,

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    I talk to my sister and one of my brothers. The other 2 brothers are------hmmmmmmmmmm. I can't think of succinct words to describe them. Let's just stick with the word "poopy". I seem to be using that alot lately! Ha, ha.

    I stay away from the funny farm. There is nothing but sadness, manipulation, and hurt there.

    I deliberately live 1,000 miles away. My Mother has to play the role of pathetic victim. If a story isn't full of enough action and adventure, she escalates the drama. You never know what is fact and what is embellished. While growing up, there were different rules for each child. It was a multilayered dysfunctional nightmare of contradictions and deliberate berating.

    I am glad I live far away. They can be unbelievably hurtful. My son came up and gave me a big hug and kiss last night and told me that my hubby and he love me. I already know that. I have a stable loving immediate family. I make darm sure that my household is quiet and peaceful. We support each other and encourage each other. This is the opposite of what atmosphere I grew up in.

    I guess I'm a living example of the fact that you CAN choose the path you decide to take through life. I am a good person who would help anyone who is trying or is downtrodden. I stick up for the little guy who is getting picked on. (I'm sure that comes from my own background of being chronically treated like dirt).

    Finding out this latest stunt is like taking a stick and stirring muddy water. I've already come along way from when I heard this latest info. a couple days ago. I just will never understand the intensity of the need for them to hurt each other so badly. Family is supposed to be one's safe-place. You have to put on full body armor before stepping into the arena with my family.

    I stay far, far, far away. Their nastiness just spreads; I stay away from them.
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    Hi Joyfully,

    From what I read on the thread I feel like you are my soulmate of parallel lives out there. I'm so sorry for the physical stuff you are going through. I need bubble wrap too--I've got a shoulder impingement, posiibly tore the meniscus again that I just had repaired last summer, cut and burned myself cooking last week and have heel pain on the foot I had operated on last summer. Sister, I can commiserate!

    I also gew up somewhat like you, but I went 3,000 miles instead of 1,000. My mother and your mother sound like they could be best friends. My mom has COPD and is going down fast. She needs money to pays for home health nurses. I just took my kids to see her last weekend, and she never said a word. ONE DAY later, I get an email from my brother that mom needs money immediately and we should each pay half. He is n extremely successful criminal attorney who just bought a Maserati, already has a Jag and Landrover, took his wife and son on two European cruises last year; but I should pay half with my disability check. I have a feeling there is going to be an irrevocable split of what is left of my family and I kinda understand what you're saying about the drama.

    When you find that bubble wrap, send it on over here and know you have a friend who is sorta hobbling in your shoes and understands your pain, both physical and emotional.

    All the best,
  8. joyfully

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    Our lives are even more parallel than you realize.

    I've got the brothers who also have all the $$$$$$$$$$. My mother wants to make sure that they get more!

    Personally, I wouldn't pay the half with your disability check. I sense you have the game playing too. Otherwise, she would have said something about the assisted living while you were there. I'd tell your brother that you can afford $10/month towards your Mother's bills and don't say another word. Don't justify. Just keep repeating that same short statement. You don't justify, you don't argue about you paying half, you just repeat that short statement.

    If he threatens you legally, I'd probably tell him to do it. I'd also probably tell him that he is going to look like a horses hiney when it comes out that he is trying to sue his disabled sister for part of her disability check to pay half of his mother's bills while he drives around in expensive autos!

    Oh, my mother supposedly has COPD too. I never know what to believe because they embellish everything.
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    Hi there,

    Thanks for some really good advice-- I think I'm actually going to try that since all our communications have been by email. You have a really good head for this! :)

    I'm just checking to see how YOU are doing. Did you find the bubble wrap and feeling a little better? You were right when you said you don't need the drama and stress right now. I hope your sister's phone call wasn't too stressful on you.

    Sending happy thoughts and gentle hugs,