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  1. Fibrolady37

    Fibrolady37 New Member

    This post is for all cat lovers.
    I have 3 rescue cats & i have had my 2nd & 3rd cats for 3 weeks & 1 week for my ginger & white cat.
    The ginger & white cat hasnt eaten since ive had him.
    I found him in my bedroom he had collapsed on the floor.
    I rushed off to the vets with him.
    The vet said he had an infection & he was very badly dehydrated even though he has been drinking a lot of water.
    She said they would hook him up to a drip.
    He had an antibiotic jab & i took him home.
    He hasnt recovered so on tuesday night i rushed off back to the vets with him.
    The vet said she wanted him to stay at the surgery so she could do some blood tests & hook him up to a drip.
    Ive paid for the 1st course of trea
    Luckily i have insurance for all 3 cats.
    Preston the cat who is really ill has been at the vets since tuesday.
    I cried when i knew he couldnt come home.
    I have prayed everyday for him to be able to come home he still isnt home im sorry ive started crying because i miss him so much he sleeps on my bed with me.
    Its good friday now & he still not home which worries me because so far they haven said whats wrong with him.
    Its so frustrating not knowing whats wrong with him.
    Please will you pray for me sophie my daughter & preston the cat we just want him home with us.
    Thank you for listening youre all so kind.
  2. kdeenak

    kdeenak New Member

    I am so sorry your cat is sick. I know you miss him, and want him back home with you. They will take good care of him though so he can come home soon and be up and playing with the other kitties before you know it!

    I will say a prayer for you that he gets a speedy recovery and is back in your arms very soon!


  3. claudiaw

    claudiaw New Member

    I'm sorry yur poor kitty is ill. I hope it get's better.

    I'm watching a program with a holistic vet right now on direct tv.

    I have had my share of animal's with serious health issues.
    I know how stressful it is. For me it is as bad as human family memebers who are ill ( they may not want to know that, but it's the truth:)

    Best wishes to you and your kitty,

  4. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    and poor you! Praying he can come home very soon! So sorry for cat is like my child.

  5. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    I know how anxious you must be....and sore from being stressed.God even watches over animals.....Have faith that he will do the right thing for your precious cat.Linda
  6. starmom

    starmom New Member

    for you and your family, esp for Preston. I just got a rescue kitten last week. She is SOO sweet and cute. I have a cat I got 13 yrs ago as a rescue. They are definitely family members.

    I hope Preston gets well and comes home soon.

  7. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    I'm sorry that Preston is ill and hope he will get better and be able to go home with you all soon. Does the vet still not know what is wrong with him?

    Hope all will turn out well for you. You should be able to visit her during office hours, I would think.

    Do you have any idea how old Preston is?

  8. Fibrolady37

    Fibrolady37 New Member

    Deena ive seen your name on here before i hope we can be friends as ive just come back after a very very long period of illness.
    Thank you so much for your reply.
    Ive only had him for 2 weeks tomorrow he has been ill since i got him.
    Ive prayed everyday for him to come home but no can do.
    I had my heart set on him coming home today but it wasnt to be.
    Thank you so much for your kind words & prayers theyre very gratefully received they really are.
    Very gentle hugs to you ((((((( i will pray for you & yours.
  9. Fibrolady37

    Fibrolady37 New Member

    probably would have been able to go & see him but i knew if i did id cry my eyes out.
    IM ringing vets 1st thing to see how he is as they havent come up with a diagnosis so far which really worries me.
    He has been there for 4 days tomorrow.
    Thank you so much for replying.
    Very gentle hugs for you (((((((.
  10. Fibrolady37

    Fibrolady37 New Member

    gigi your the 4th person im repying to & when i read your p ost i started crying i miss preston so much he is my baby.
    I can picture him in a pen in the dark at the vets surgery he should be here with us on my bed.
    Thanks for your kind words & prayers i hope i have news tomorrow i will let you know.
    May god bless you & yours.
  11. Fibrolady37

    Fibrolady37 New Member

    so much for your post claudia,
    I miss preston so much he is a big ginger & white baby boy.
    I was really hoping he would be able to come home today but it wasnt to be.
    I hope to have news tomorrow so keep in touch.
    Your prayers will be very very gratefully recieved.
  12. Fibrolady37

    Fibrolady37 New Member

    sure if i ask they will let me but i know i will get really upset when i have to leave him.
    Im really hoping & praying he will be able to come home tomorrow.
    I dont even know whats wrong with him.
    Thanks for your reply.
  13. Fibrolady37

    Fibrolady37 New Member

    my 3 cats are my babies they are part of our family.
    I cant have anymore children so i have cat babies.
    I love them all soo much i hope i have good news tomorrow.
    Thank you so much for your reply.
  14. Fibrolady37

    Fibrolady37 New Member

    very very sore & achy.
    Thank you so much for your reply.
    I really hoped preston would be able to come home today but he cant.
    I miss him soo much he is my baby & is part of my family.
    Very gentle hugs to you ((((((
  15. Fibrolady37

    Fibrolady37 New Member

    to i miss preston soo much i love him like i love my daughter he is part of our family.
    Im really hoping he will be able to come home tomorrow.
    Im ringing the vets 1st thing so i will let you know what they say.
    Thanks for your support its much appreciated.
  16. Fibrolady37

    Fibrolady37 New Member

    i dont know what is wrong with him this time.
    Ive only had him 2 weeks tomorrow poor boy.
    I took him to vets last friday vet said he had an infection.
    He didnt respond to treatment so i rushed him back to the vets on tuesday tea time they kept him in & he is still there.
    The havent told me what is wrong with him yet im ringing 1st thing & im hoping & praying he will be able to come home tomorrow where he belongs.
    Your support is greatly appreciated.
  17. claudiaw

    claudiaw New Member

    You got it.:)

    Healing is for pet's too!:)

    Best wishes,

  18. libra55

    libra55 New Member

    Oh dear, I am so sorry to hear about poor Preston. I will say a prayer tonight for him, and for you and your other kitties. I know how much you must miss him.

    I don't have cats, as I am allergic to them. I do love cats though. I find them fascinating. My daughter does volunteer work at an animal shelter and she loves the cats there.

    We have dogs, two Pembroke Welsh Corgis. The younger one sleeps on my bed with me. Except when my husband is home. He is usually working most nights. My little furbaby is right there with me. The older dog is too fat to get up on the bed or she'd be right there too. She sleeps right next to the bed.

    God Bless and watch over little Preston, and I hope the vet can find out what is wrong and set him right.

  19. mom4three

    mom4three New Member

    I am so sad to hear this..

    I will pray for him..

  20. Geechie

    Geechie New Member

    I love all my cats so very much, my husband and I both do. I will be saying prayers for yours. I'm so glad you have insurance for them, it can get so expensive!

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