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  1. RENA0909

    RENA0909 New Member

    When I wake up I have such a bad time getting out of bed and when I put my feet on the floor I am in agony!!!I have to hold on to the wall to walk.

    The balls of my feet feel like they are swollen and the pain is awful.I walk like Ozzy Osbourne!

    I also have bunions which have gone sooooo bad in the last 2 months that I feel like chopping my feet off!!
    My doctor has given me voltaren cream to put on my bunions and I have to go back in 2 weeks to let him know if I have had any relief from the pain.

    Anyone else have problems with their tootsies??


  2. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Rena, yes I do. I just put up a post about some great shoes that I just got the will fit my swollen feet--mine look like little footballs!

    My feet feel swollen on the bottom, too, and it makes it really hard to walk!

    Do you know why your feet are so swollen?

    The last time, I was in congestive heart failure. I went to the doc and it's not that -- he is testing my kidney function now.

    I am a diabetic and I hope it doesn't have anything to do with it!

    Take care,
  3. JuliannaG

    JuliannaG New Member

    I also have bunions. The one on my right foot I have had since a child. The one on my left foot only really got big after I had a plantar wart removed from the middle of my sole just behind the toes about two years ago.

    I don't think the bunions are the only things that cause foot paint though, I think it is a fibro thing.

    What shoes do you wear? High heels are out for us fibro sufferers now. I go for flats and comfort now, to hell with fashion, or I'll end up in a wheelchair.
  4. Lurlasgirl

    Lurlasgirl New Member

    But they aren't swollen, they just hurt - especially if I've been off them for a while. When I stand up to try to walk, I walk like an old woman! Gets kind of embarrassing at work sometimes.

    I went to the podiatrist ... he said structurally, my feet look fine - no arthritis or anything. So it's "just fibro", for me.

    However, the swelling part could very well make it be something else - good thing you're having it checked out.
  5. pspatnode

    pspatnode New Member

    My feet hurt all the time. I can hardly walk when I get up in the morning and they get so stiff by night I hobble like I am 90 years old. I think it must be a fibro thing because my feet look fine but they are always very tender to touch and hurt.

    I find the softest pair of ankle boots I can find are about the only kind I can wear. Once in awhile I can wear a good pair of running shoes - but not for long at a time.


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