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    Amber has fms/cfs,endometriosis and is an anaphlatic(sp? she is allergic to fish as of Tuesday this week)
    She has surgery done 2 weeks ago and that is when they found the endo.,which I also have along with fms.I think the pain prior to the surery,they surgery and trying to work full time has thrown her into a major flare.She was dx. at age 12,very rare but it happens.She says this remind her of the first time she got sick.

    Currently since she is 19,we had to take her off our insurance.We are gonna try to get her back on if we can prove she is disabled.Also we are applying for SSI.She wants to wwork,staying at home everyday is very depressing for her.So we think maybe a part time job in a medical office.She did graduate from a tech. college majoring in medical transcription and office administration.I hope we can work something out for her.I haven't seen her this down in a very long time.She has an appt. with pscyh. the 23rd to talk about the increased depresiona nd an appt. with my reheumy in early Oct.

    Pray we can find her a part time job and get her back on our insurance.I know it can take along time to get SSI,but she really wants to work.Can you work part time and still get SSI?

    Thanks for listening and the prayers,

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    I'm so sorry for the pain both you and Amber are suffering. It must be so terrible to not be able to put a bandaid on it and make her better. I can't answer your question--only send you my thoughts and good wishes. Take care!

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    I know exactly how you feel and I'm sorry. My daughter Shelley was diagnosed with CFS when she was 15 and after an ectopic preganancy a year ago where she lost a tube, she's been told she has a rare blood defect. Thats why she has had 3 miscarriages.

    Anyway what I want to say is that she is now 28 and she has managed to have a life despite frequently having spells in bed. She's just finishing a social work degree course and hopes to be able to work full time.

    Today she's in bed with high fevers but she always manages to get back on her feet and carry on so in that respect she's lucky. She's had to learn to pace herself, though being young, she doesnt always manage to do that.

    Don't despair for your daughter, she sounds as determined as my Shelley and I have to say that its sheer determination thats seen her through.

    I hope everything works out for her. Sorry, I dont know the answer to your question as we live in UK.

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