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    HI everyone
    I am from england and i joined last year, i dont write my own messages always read everyone elses and it makes me think i am better off than some of you out there allthough most days it doesnt feel like it.

    I just wanted to share my inner feelings with you as i know you will understand, the docs think my son of 20 has fibro, you can imagine how i feel. I know people say dont blame yourself but i do as i have fibro.

    He has had pysio, massages, sports therapist treatment, osteopath treatment and reflexoligy. none of which have helped. He is now going to try a ciropracter.

    I pray it gives him some relief.

    Take care all of you and my wish is for all to have pain free days.

    volvo x
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    My son is only 10 but I already see him following in my footsteps.My ailments all started when I was a teen with dislocating knees.My son is already compaining about how his leg hyper extends.
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    LOOK AT MY SON <<<< (profile)
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    You didn't ask to have fibro.

    Did you?

    It is good he is finding out now and can get some treatment started.

    It is better than a bunch of dr's saying it is in his head.

    I am very sorry he has fibro but at least he has you there and you can help him go down the road he has to go down.