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    i will just add this later there when things get sorted out

    rock - thanks for opening up.

    yesterday i couldnt go to the lunch after all. too tired and irritated looking for a key
    i lost.

    but i did a lot of cleaning out of cupboard. so the day didnt go wasted.

    but one of those days when youre so tired, tears start coming into the eyes.
    ever had one of those?

    the daughter tho went off to the lunch met everybody her cousins n all and also
    after that her school friend of grade 12, who is also here on summer break from
    the US. they are both slightly mad so i assume they had a good time. i heard telling
    him on phone that the protocol for meeting is that at the appointed place, in front
    of the former palace, both should be wearng dark glasses and turn their backs to
    the other and she has to address him as master of the universe, and he her as
    'empress' and they should both be making like james bond carrying his gun and then
    slowly turn and face each other. i wouldnt be surprised if they did it too.

    i saw some photos in her camera after the day was over and there was one of
    both of them with french fries sticking out of the opposite corners of their mouths like long

    well i got some solace in my long weary day when i got an email from the KAT centre
    saying Yoyo the black doggie, will be trained as a pet therapy dog. theyll try to train
    her and take her to the orphanages and let her play with the needy kids, because she
    just loves people. if this is successful she can stay at the KAT centre. my goodness.
    if this is possible, what joy! god bless the properietor / doctor every one there.

    its hot hot hot! no rain. someone pls send some rain. last night i actually got up in
    wee hours of morning sweating.

    all take care

    God Bless
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    The electronic gremlins are out and about tonight. I just got kicked out of a
    bridge game. I had a good hand and my partner had a better one. We were going
    to take all of the tricks. Then I got tossed out. A popup explained that this
    was the result of one of 4 causes. (This information was of no help whatsoever.)

    Find your key yet? I lost my car key some months ago. Couldn't find the spare
    because of the recent move. Everything donated, thrown, lost or buried. Cost
    me $90 to have locksmith come out and make a new key. "Yikes!" as Jack Benny used
    to say.

    See if your daughter's heard this old riddle. How can two people stand in front of
    each other?

    That's good news about Yoyo. Hope you get some cool weather. Here it's been
    averaging about ten degrees below normal, but we have hot weather predicted
    for the coming week.

    Oh yeah, the answer to the riddle is: they stand back to back. Just like on the
    former palace steps. Which one is in front depends on where the viewer
    is located.

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    In the Zodiac. I see the communications gremlins are already causing problems with their shenanigans. Expect all kinds of communications to be muddled.

    Love, Mikie