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  1. ginny

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    O Lord I come to thee tonight and offer all I have. Sometimes I feel as if I'm just a shell of a person with my hands that are weak, my heart feels heavy and I'm not sure why. Then I stop and remember that no matter how hard the road or long the journey each one was done for a lesson. One probably only you and I will know why but none the less, it was done.
    So I Thank You O Lord, for one more day. I give thanks for the peace we have here on our Homeland Father. I pray for my Sisters on our board that They have less pain. And Father I pray for my unspoken Task. O Lord, give me the strenght, knowledge, and courage to go forward with this.
    In Jesus Name I Pray.
    ginny/from ar
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    I read and reread this prayer thaen read it out loud-thank you!