~ My Precious Lord ~

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    ~ My Precious Lord ~

    When daily toils and trials increase,
    My Lord gives His abiding peace.

    When once-dear friends forsake and flee,
    I feel His arms enfolding me.

    When I feel lost and all alone,
    'Tis, then, His tender love is shown.

    When no one's near to hear my cry,
    I know my precious Lord is nigh.

    Though I sink low, in deep despair,
    He shows, again, His constant care.

    When no more pain can I endure,
    He gives me hope; steadfast and sure.

    And, as I lift my heart and pray,
    I feel His strength anew each day.

    He leads and guides each step I take
    And tells me He will not forsake.

    And, as I read His Word, He feeds
    My hungry soul and fills my needs.

    He gives me grace and so much more!
    Some day my ransomed soul shall soar.

    And, in God's loving arms I'll be
    Secure for all eternity.

    © 2001 by Betty Jo Mings