My Primary Doc Doesn't Believe in "Fibro" HELP!

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    This whole last year I have one problem after another starting with bad tennis elbow, muscle pains in arms, shoulders, neck, severe eye infection and then it went into dizzy/vertigo and "fibro-fog". Had to drop my classes last fall because I couldn't concentrate or process thoughts at all. My prim doc has been my only doc through this and she kept sending me for more tests (blood, CAT Scans, MRIs, hearing, neurologist,etc)., but everything had come up negative. She was irritated with me when somebody suggested I had MS (don't know why). Couldn't get her to call me back. Anyway, diagnosed myself just last month and found a doc in next town (1 hour away) that has fibro herself and she confirmed my diagnosis and we figured I'd probably had fibro for over 20 years. She changed some meds arounds and made some suggestions for reading material, etc. said I should feel better in about 6 months!!! Set up appt with my prim doc to update her on diagnosis and change in meds, etc. and couldn't believe what happened. She walked into the room (hadn't even closed the door yet) and said "Well I can't help you." "What do you want me to do?". I didn't even realize at first that she was talking to me. Help! I'm going to apply for SSI, but she's the only doc I've had whose been through the last year of weird symptoms. Doc in other town said she thought I'd be able to work when I called her back, but I've gotten so much worse since then. Any suggestions?
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    Even if your PCP doesnt believe that you have fibro. They will look at your records and see that you have been sick for the past year. If you don't have enough info from her then they will send you to one of thier doctors although i hear its not good. I would not wait though on filing if your going to because its a long enough process as it is. When I filed for my SSD I didn't even tell my doctor that I was going to file. When SSA asked for my records they didn't even ask my doctor to fill out a report anyhow. I would go ahead with it and let them know that you seen the other doctor to so you can get the ball rolling on your claim. I hope that you feel better and I don't know if its possible for you to switch doctors but I would as soon as I could. Best of luck to you

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    1) Look for the articles at this site that have to do with using a lawyer to help you with SSI. They are very good. At least one of them gave some really good reasons why you absolutely cannot afford to skip this part of the process. You'll need a lawyer who specializes in SSI claims. A lawyer should also be able to help you deal with your doctor situation insofar as the Social Security Administration is concerned, if necessary.

    2) Find a new doctor. I'm not even sure about the doctor who said you'd feel better in about 6 months after having had fibromyalgia for about 20 years. I'd be interested in what others have to say about that! Anyway, I drive a good 40 minutes to my pain doctor and it is well worth it. An hour is admittedly longer, but having a doctor who either understands this disease or is willing to learn about it is essential.

    A word about your having been put through a lot of tests: That, too, was essential. It would have been terrible to have missed something else like cancer or heart disease. These tests to rule out other causes of your symptoms is part of the process of diagnosing fibromyalia and chronic fatigue syndrome, even if your doctor didn't have FMS in mind. We just don't have difinitive tests for our disease yet, unfortunately.

    Good luck,
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