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    Hi all,

    I've been away from these boards for probably about six months, maybe more. Last time I was here, I'd been feeling much better and I was starting to focus on eradicating candida, to get rid of the coating on my tongue. Here's my update.

    After intensive candida cleansing and general detoxification, I still feel better but the tongue coating will not go away. I'm about to give up on it. Throughout my candida cleanse I was told, you know you're cured when your tongue is pink and the coating doesn't come back. Well, how come I feel so much better but the coating is still there?! I'm also told that the coating is just toxins coming to the surface - so I continue to cleanse/detox myself. I've had this coating since childhood, so maybe it'll always be there, who knows.

    A long time ago when I first posted, I was touting the benefits of pau d'arco for me. First time I tried it, I went from severe fatigue to feeling amazing within the first week. I didn't know why, and people suggested that I may have candida and that the pau d'arco was killing it. I now know, however, that pau d'arco is a potent detoxifier and immuno-stimulant, and that that is probably the reason why I feel better when I take it.

    I would always go into a relapse a while after I stopped taking the pau d'arco, and now I realise it was probably because I still had a lot of detoxing to do. My real breakthrough came when I decided to lose some weight - I did a diet which in hindsight was very unwise, as it was a rapid weight loss diet with severe calorie restrictions, combined with daily aerobic exercise. I did it for two weeks. What happened during that time, was that I was inadvertently FASTING. This helped to detox my body, and the aerobic exercise/sweating speeded up the process. Over those two weeks I felt fantastic. I continued to exercise and detox with various supplements, most notably chlorella. During that time I came ahead in leaps and bounds! Since then I have not relapsed! I still get tired days, but nowhere near like I used to be.

    I think that doing a candida cleanse also helped, because that was when I started reading labels and eradicating all chemical-containing food from my diet. Again, it added to the detoxification.

    I have also been getting my mercury almalgam fillings removed, and now there's only one more left to be taken out.

    So, I'm pretty much convinced that my fatigue was caused by some sort of toxic overload and that my body badly needed to get rid of it. Having EBV didn't help, and I know there were many complex factors involved. But detoxing really worked wonders for me.

    I think I could still feel better, though, and maybe the coating on my tongue is evidence of that. Anyway, just wanted to touch base again and let you all know how I'm doing. If anyone has any tips of getting rid of the tongue coating once and for all, I'll be very interested to hear them. The day I have a clean tongue will be a miracle!!!

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    I'm glad you have found something which works so well for you.

    BTW, don't stay away so long.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hey, thanks for the replies! Slowgirl, I know what you mean... after I did my weight loss thing, and THEN went on the candida diet, I quickly got to the point where I had lost too much weight. After a little while I think the downside of weight loss actually outweighed the benefits of the candida diet for me, so for the past couple of months I've had to add back dairy and more complex carbs so that I can gain some fat. I'm no longer underweight and I don't feel any worse for having added back those foods - I'm sure my tongue would actually clear up if I went back on a strict candida diet, but I lose weight so fast it's not worth it to me. My tongue IS better than it was, but I think at some point I WILL do something to clear it up for good.

    BTW, something you could eat to help you gain weight while on the candida diet is avocadoes. They average 300 calories each, and an increase of 500 calories a day is what is needed for weight gain, so they do help. Having one avocado a day helped me a lot.

    Sue, that's so great that you have a pink tongue! Was candida a part of your problem, or was the coating caused by other toxins coming to the surface?

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    My battle with chronic fatigue started seven years ago when I got a debilitating virus. I had a terrible 'flu' for six weeks, and then had chronic fatigue for a year. It seemed to get better when I went back to university to study, I think that's because I was able to sleep in the mornings and I just felt like I was on holiday. After about a year, things got stressful and I started to get more and more tired, until finally a couple of years ago I was much worse than ever before to the point where I was sleeping 12 hours a day and still needed more, I couldn't do anything, I couldn't think, I had brain fog, joint pains, etc... So my fatigue was severe for over a year this time, but got better with my detoxing. If I hadn't detoxed, I think I would still be in that severe stage.

    You could say I've had this on and off for seven years.