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  1. susabar

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    that FM is psycho-somatic... she explained that it is very real in terms of symptoms etc... but it stems from some deep inner conflict. I left there today feeling more " messed up than ever!". I'm not sure what to believe... I have been seeing her for the last couple of years and my stress level at work and home were crushing when I really became ill. What do you think ?? I don't want to be sick, but yet I don't want to be stressed out either.
    Thanks Sue
  2. VickyB

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    U had the same sort of experience with a psychiatrist. He said TMJ was the mental illness that dentist deal with, FMS mental side of aches and pains, chronic fatigue mental side of tiredness. During that period of my life I bought into all that and became very, very depressed that my illness was all in my head according to him.
    Good luck to you, Vicky
  3. TxMissy

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    Did you know that Psych's don't play with a "full deck"? Well, they don't! And they are in that line of business looking for answers for themselves anyway! This is TRUE! My dad is one!

    I don't put much weight on what they say! I have been sent to them my WHOLE life! You would think that after 42 years of going to the "shrink" that I would be normal, never depressed, never sick, have absolutely no allergies what so ever... the list goes on and on! They believe also that people who get stung by a bee/wasp and have allergic reactions, well, it's in their head! AND if you are walking around outside bare foot and stub your toe, well naturally you were out there looking for something to inflick pain upon yourself because you are wanting to punish yourself for something that you did somewhere down the line and this is your subconscience way of punishing yourself!!!

    Yep!!! Have heard this line of BULL POO POO all my life!! To make things worse for me is that I am adopted (since birth). Psych's just love adopted kids!!! And did you know that TMJ is from being sexually abused as a kid? Go figure!!! When I heard that one I said that I would never return to one again!!! As for my dad, he was told that when I was Dx with this DD that he was never to mention any type of psychology to me or he would be without a daughter! So far he never brings it up, but I think that he is about to bit his tongue off doing so! I do have to give him credit for trying this long!

    The ONLY good that I have really learned from going to one is the pain management stuff. It doesn't totally help, but some days it does a little.

    OK, I guess I have said enough. Let me hop off my box!


    P.S. While trying to respond to this I got booted twice, must be psychological!!!!!!!!
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    My therapist told me its like being in full blown child labor having a baby and trying to type or do whatever your job is at the same time. That is what short circuits the brain; it can handle only one thing at a time.
  5. Kurt

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    I would not completely dismiss what the psychiatrist told you. There is some evidence to suggest that FM could be triggered by a mental illness/stress/trauma. I would think about what she told you. Everything I have ever read about FM seems to suggest that it may have multiple causes or different causes in different people. No matter what the cause is, stress is generally not good for the body. It would seem that eliminating as much stress as you can from your life would be a good thing. I would ask yourself if you have some unresolved conflicts and if they need to be resolved. Do you think her opinion has merit, if so, you may want to take the appropriate steps. At the same time, you should see a good medical doctor if you have not already seen one. For the sake of argument, let’s assume that it was triggered by stress. It is possible that the stress has thrown your body’s various systems out of whack. Eliminating the stress may not correct the biological problems that may have formed. You may need to turn to medicine, nutrition, supplements, etc. to “fix” or “alleviate” any biological changes that may have occurred as a result of the stress. However, keep in mind that there is also evidence that suggests it is not caused by stress/mental illness/trauma!! In SOME ways, my FM began to appear at a very stressful time in my life too, so I can kind of relate. I have never seen a psychiatrist but I have considered it many times. All I can say is, isn’t it wonderful to have a “problem” that nobody really has the slightest clue to what causes it or even that it “exists” in any known measurable way!!!! :)

  6. Kelly12

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    Sounds like you have one of the few docs that actually understand CFS and FM. Wish mine were that good. You're lucky.

    Take Care,

  7. Mikie

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    In the mind/body/spirit connection, I cannot buy into our illnesses' being all in our heads. I do believe that mental and personality disorders are stressful enough to trigger our illnesses in genetically predisposed people, but there are many other triggers as well.

    Substance P in spinal fluid may eventually become a marker to diagnose FMS, but I don't know too many of us anxious for a spinal tap.

    Let me see if I can find a delicate way to answer this shrink--this is a crock of s**t!

    Love, Mikie
  8. kadywill

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    he meant to imply that this disease is "all in your head." No disease is limited to only the mind *or* the body; a complex interaction is always present. There is a difference between a disease being "all in your head" and the fact that many illnesses are *triggered* by some sort of physical/mental stress that the body has encountered at some time.
    I *used* to think a doc was implying that I was lying about the pain or hives or shortness of breath or nausea, etc., when he/she said that these problems were triggered by stress, as if I could somehow decide whether or not I could be sick, but as I study more and more about the many illnesses that plague humans now, I realize that I was wrong and I am much less sensitive in this area. I now admit that, although not psychotic or mentally disturbed, I do have a problem dealing with all stress, whether it be physical stress or emotional stress. The amount of stress we can withstand without having pathological reactions vary from person to person and situation to situation. *JOY* is actually stressful and I have had much of that, too, in my life. When any type of stress occurs in quantities that the body cannot handle, it produces pathological changes. This *isn't* to say that we are mentally ill or making the pain/fatigue, etc. up in order to gain attention, which is what I once thought. I have a history of hypertension, migraine headaches, TMJ problems, chronic angioedema and hives, constipation, allergies, anxiety and depression, insomnia, chronic pain, breast cancer and cancer of the cervix. To talk to me, you'd never *think* that my problems were stress-related, but I am sure they are in some way or another. In this world we live in we are bombarded by stressors that our ancestors didn't have, i.e; toxins,our lifestyles, our diets, our chemicals, etc. and I am not so overly-sensitive now that I can't understand that. I can only avoid *some* of these stressors and the others my body is affected by, no matter what I do.
    Just my opinion, which I don't usually share with you.
    With love and understanding,
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    Remember, fibromyalgia is a syndrome, not a disease. That means it can be caused by different things. Most of what doctors treat are probably only symptoms. Something, be it trauma, anxiety, a brain chemical, or virus, combined with a genetic predisposition, creates a condition that interferes with the body's ability to rest which sets into motion a whole bunch of other problems ending in pain. I'm set up for neurological testing March 6th and then will be spending time with a shrink. If he comes up with some issues not related to FMS that need to be addressed and are addressed, all the better for me.
  10. Bambi

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    psychiatric theories are just that,
    theories. It is NOT a science.
    Hugs, Bambi
  11. klutzo

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    I'm a psychiatric social worker, and I can tell you that we have an inside joke that if you go to a psychiatrist, you WILL come away with a diagnosis, no matter who you are, or how well-adjusted you may be. That does not mean you may not really have something wrong, but it also means you may not, and you may just have blundered into the office of a therapist who could use a larger patient load...cynical, aren't I? I think I'm just beign realistic. If in doubt, get a second opinion. When it comes to mental illness, most people know there is something wrong with them before they go to the psychiatrist, though they may not know exactly what it is. The exception would be those with one of the personality disorders, who never think there is anything wrong with's always everyone else who has a problem.
    BTW, most of the alternative practitioners I've talked to also believe that FMS can't be totally resolved without emotional release work....this is a type of touch therapy where you talk about your inner pain while they simultaneously work on the outer pain. They believe that we are people who feel we must be "good" and "nice" all the time, so we hold our emotional pain in our muscles. Just a theory....don't know how I feel about it.
    Statistically, there are a higher percentage of FMS patients from alcoholic homes, and who have been sexually abused as kids. However, alcoholism is a disease of low-serotonin, just like FMS, so that could be a physical relationship, rather than an emotional one, and there are still many with FMS who were never abused. So, it is highly individual. Trust your gut, and if still confused, you may want to seek a second opinion.
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