my pup has distemper !!!help, dont know what to do

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  1. karinaxx

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    today my pup has been diagnosed of having distemper. i am so upset. doctor said that in the west they are put down. he says to try and save her, but chances of chronic coplications are high.
    and on top of it i just read on the web that it is possible, that it can infect humans partially.
    dont know what to do? Afraid for my sons health and mine at the same time we love her so much.
    i dont think i can deal with all this.
    advice please!!!!!
  2. Sandyz

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    I`m so sorry to hear this karina. I can`t tell you what to do, its such a hard decision. I hadn`t heard before it could infect humans. That`s new to me. I can tell you my experience.

    Years ago I had three kittens with distemper. The vet said they would most likely all die. After being very sick, only one died and the others made it and lived a long healthy life. The one cat that made it just died this winter, she was 17 years old.

    Hopefully some others will have some experiences with distemper in dogs and have some advice for you. Positive thoughts and prayers sent for you and your puppy.

  3. karatelady52

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    If it was my puppy, I would try some natural things that might help. Mikie might be able to help you there.

    Also, I've read a lot of good articles on a new colloidal silver called InVision. I would try a small spoonful a day -- tastes like water so they will usually drink it. I bought mine at the health food store. The lady there said everyone is raving about it. Its around $40.

    I had a cat with feline leukemia a few years ago and found a product given to horses to boost their immune system called Immunoregulin. They were having some success with it for feline leukemia. My vet was so nice and ordered it for me. It would've saved the cat except he also had cancerous tumors.

    My point is, do a lot of searching and try some different homeopathic remedies. You might just find something that works.

  4. Greenbean7

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    I am so sorry. I love my dogs and would feel like I lost a child if I lost one.

    Distemper can sometimes be "cured" but the expense has to be taken into consideration. Depending on how sick the pup is, it's age, and the breed, your chances of a complete cure, or even saving your pup, are not good.

    I spent over $600 to save my Rottwieler when she got it. That was about 15 years ago so I imagine the costs would be considerably higher now.

    Best thing is to talk to the vet and possibly your local animal shelter. The shelters sometimes have a problem with distemper, or even Parvo, and may be able to give you some idea of what can be done for your pup.

    After my daughter lost her puppy to distemper the vet recommended that they not get another puppy until we had had at least one good freeze, preferably after the whole winter. He said he would feel better if they got an adult dog which had current vacinations and because adult dogs are less prone to get distemper.

    I'm sorry my news was all bad, but I felt like you need to know what your are facing.

    All my prayers are with you and your puppy.


    Stop and smell the puppies! (Can you tell I am an avid dog lover?!)
  5. Cromwell

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    Specialises in dogs is best bet. Even though your vet may be good, if they are generalist then find or have them recommend a dog only vet(some are dog/cat) They will give you the best advice.Good luck, Love Anne C
  6. karinaxx

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    thanks for all the support by just replying. makes me feel better already.
    stormysky, you are amazing! how did you dig that out so fast?
    I will try what i can and my Ex has promised to pitch in and take her for some time. It will help a lot and i can keep my son away from her. I dont want to risk anything, and if things should get out of hand, i dont want him to see it! Distemper complications can be ugly, i heard.
    Anyway, thanks everyone.
    I wish our world would be free of deseases!