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    I was told today by my OB/GYN that in order for me to get my hysterectomy done i would have to get off my RA meds for 6 to 8 weeks. My RA is very severe and getting off of them would send me into a great deal of pain. He stated that the RA meds lowers my immune system which I already have know but i don't know why I would have to get off of them for such a long time?
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    Let me make a suggestion. Contact your rheumatologist that placed you on the RA meds and explain to him/her what the OB/GYN told you. Explain this must be done prior to his preforming the hysterectomy. Ask the rheumy to talk directly to the OB/GYN to come up with a med you can take before surgery that is in agreement with both the OB/GYN and the rheumy.

    Although online boards are nice, ProHealth does not provide any doctors, so you are speaking with regular people like you that are not doctors. Your situation is about upcoming major surgery and your health is very important. Don't listen if anyone tells you keep taking the med, but to not tell the surgeon as that is directly adverse to what the surgeon told you. The doctors should work between themselves to find an answer.

    There is also an arthritis board here if you wish to post. Good luck, many hugs, and I hope there is a resolution as to a med you can take, and your surgery goes well and your recovery is the best. It's amazing what doctors can come up with when they put their heads together.