My Regimen (for Forebearance/whomever)

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    This is mostly for Forebearance, but I welcome all comments.

    I have CFS (the drop-dead flu kind), little to no fibro. I got sick in 1995, at age 32.

    I've worked my way up from about a 2 (on the 10-point scale) at the beginning to about a 7. Right now I have just started the antiviral Famvir, which has totally knocked the wind out of me. Hopefully it will be helpful in the long run.

    Here is a list of the things I have found helpful for my health thus far.

    1. No sugar! This seems really important.
    2. Avoidance of food allergens. I've had a blood panel, have tested with Coca's "The Pulse Test", and observed my own reactions. There are about 20 foods I avoid.
    3. Every bioidentical hormone I can find. T3, progesterone, estrogen, oxytocin, pregnenelone, DHEA, testosterone. Florinef (a medication that makes up for lack of aldosterone.) They've all been extremely helpful. My adrenals seem to have gotten a little stronger over time (maybe due to supplementation with ginseng and/or natural adrenal products?).
    4. Lots of Vitamin C.
    5. Variety of other vitamins and minerals.
    6. Elimination of yeast through herbs and pharmaceuticals (oregano oil, pau d'arco. citrus extract, goldenseal, Nystatin, ampthericin b). Also 10 billion organisms of probiotics per day (less seemed to be of no help.) And no sugar! This is an ongoing problem that constantly needs to be addressed.
    7. Sinus yeast is a major energy destroyer (and caused me debilitating vertigo for a short while). Thus far Diflucan (and to a lesser extent colloidal silver inhalations) have kept that under control in emergencies. Keeping yeast out of my intestines so that it doesn't migrate upwards is a better long-term strategy, though.
    8. Yoga, when I'm up to it.
    9. Eating healthy, organic-type foods (when I'm up to shopping and cooking).
    10. Klonopin and Xanax for good sleep.
    11. Large amounts of NADH (100 mg sublingual) and CoQ10 (300 mg).
    12. ProBoost when I think I'm coming down with a viral infection. (It never turns into a full-fledged cold or flu regardless, but I think it keeps me from feeling more tired than usual anyway.)
    13. Denatured whey (ImmunoPro Rx) for detoxiication
    14. Steam shower for detoxification
    15. Supplemental stomach acids and digestive enzymes
    16. Colonics (colon hydrotherapy) for yeast control and toxin elimination. (It has been very helpful for severe yeast herxes)
    17. dl-Phenyaline, St. John's Wort, l-Theanine for mood issues (with the anti-convulsant Lamictal to control bipolar)
    18. Omega-3 (good in general, although I'm not sure that's helped CFS per se)
    19. Reflexology (but only by very good Chinese practitioners...I wish I could find one here)
    20. Air purfier in bedroom
    21. Avoiding arguments and stress
    22. Prioritizing activities
    23. Human Growth Hormone (for repairing injuries such as sprained ankle/tendinitis)
    24. Constipation has been a chronic problem since childhood, and I'm currently experimenting with gradually trying to cleanse my colon to see if that will help me feel better in general
    25. Neural therapy (insertion of small amounts of hydrocortisone with syringe) into various parts of my body. Helped tremendously with residual symptoms of a head injury, moves energy around the body. I think of it as "super acupuncture"

    Hopefully I will come up with more things as time goes on and would be delighted to get more suggestions!
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    Thank you for sharing this good information. Somehow your great post got lost here - hopefully more will see this..

    Are you taking supplemental stomach acids? If so, do you take them after the meal and have they ever upset your stomach. (I have a very sensitive stomach).

    Take care..
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    I take the stomach acids immediately after meals.

    (One of my doctors once told me it should be "10 minutes after the start of the meal." As if I sit down to 45-minute dinners every night. I wish I had enough energy to do things that low on the list of priorities.)

    If I take too much betaine hcl, I will feel a warm (not exactly _burning_) sensation in my stomach. That just means to take less.

    Having sufficient stomach acid is especially appropriate when digesting protein.

    If I were just starting this, I would take one capsule of a good brand (no fillers etc.) with a large meal and see what happened. If it felt okay, I'd work my way up.

    I believe that stomach acid is low in many people with CFS. That is at least one of the reasons that sufferers tend to be low in've got to have a lot of stomach acid to digest that one.

    Stomach acid is also low in elderly people. Again, they tend to suffer from B12 deficiencies (although in many cases they don't know it).

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