My rehumy thinks I am nuts

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    I asked my rehumy about getting tested for Lyme's disease and to get a booster for whooping cough as there has been an out break in a town less than 5 miles from where I live. My MD didn't think that any of it was nessary and that it would not do any thing. HE still feels that most of my pain comes from my end-stage oesteo-arthritis in both knee's, I need total knee replacements for both knee's and I have graciously declined.

    Who does he think I am ? One of the rich and not so famous? That I would have the money to pay for the surgeries and that if I had only one knee done at a time Would I ever go and get the other one done and that would be a NO. I have seen people who have gone thru doing one knee at a time and none of them have gotten the other knee done. I also don't have the money to pay for the hospital {1/2 of total cost upfront}

    As my insurance stands I have to pay $275 for days 1-7 and then the insurance pays the rest at 100%. TOO bad I don't have the money for the three to four days I would be in the hospital

    For me to have the surgey it would cost me close to $2,000-2,500 or more. And I don't have that kind of money handy. So no surgery for me. and just a note I have had a bad experence with the anesthia , I felt the intubataiton tube go down my throat and for all of 5 seconds I could not breathe or tell any one abouat it. Needless to say it terrifies me to be knocked out. I am so scared about it that I don't ever want to do it again.
    Now does any one know if medicare will pay for a whooping cough booster? I need to know. I also want to know if I need blood work done to find out if i am vitiman B, D,C, defecent, I have been really low on vitiman D a coup;eof years ago Do you think it would benifit me to have a lyme's diesase test done? I don't know if I would be getting the real results or not.

    STill thank you for your thoughtful suggestion and support. I will give Spencer a big hug for you as soon as I see him.

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