My Relapes and Remissions are Far Apart sometimes

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sharon5650, Apr 30, 2006.

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    Don't quite understand sometimes, my relapes and remissions can be far apart at times. I can go and go like nothing is wrong with me at all...(no wonder people think there is nothing wrong with me) doing everything a normal person can do and more (just so much energy) then something comes over me, and bang!!! I am so so dam sick, with the malaise nauseating horrible pain, with awful shakines too, The exhaustion I feel is so bad, I can hardly get up to bath, eat, talk on the phone, or talk period, everything become somewhat confusiing too. This time its over a week now, you see, I can go sometimes a couple of months with nothing, thats why I don't understand it. I take all the regular meds you guys take...B12, topomax..sometimes neuronton (for energy, as I went off of it because of weight gain) effexor, trazodone, synthyroid, and numerous vitamins....and I will be getting provigal when I see my doctor next week. For pain I don't want narcotics, only when I cannot take the pain anymore, I will call in a precription, otherwise I use naproxen (which in the states it is aleve) here we need a precription for it...(canada)...Its been such nice weather too and I can't wait to get out and about. My hands are so swollen, can't open them in the mornings lately. Funny thing though, one hr I am ok, then the next hour I am so sick again, what the hell eh? This is so weird...I can be up and maybe try to do the dishes...then in the middle of them, have to go back to bed, because I become so sick again...Forget planning anymore eh? this is long gone, unless its quick while I'am in a remission. However, I must know I can come home and I am not to far , cause I never know when I can become to tired and feel sick. Sometimes, which I never know when, things just get to me, busy day, turmoil of day out there, too much confusion, the lights, all the cars, the loudness, the buses, the teen-agers screaming, the day itself...and I have had enough...I just want to come home and lay down...sound familar...sharon5650 I am in the city and live downtown Montreal...Quebec Canada

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