my rhemy appt,went bad!

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    ive been waiting forever to see this guy i had a urgent reffrell to get in within a week but he was not contrcated with my insurance yet,so it took 2 monthes anyways both my pc and neuro wanted me to see him because they think something eles may be going on with the fibro aleast thats what they told me because my balance has been so bad and the joint pain and promblems are just getting worse any way the dr didnt even have me put on a gown asked me like 6 ? felt my hands and said yes you have raynaurds then pushed like 3 trigger points and said yes you have fm and then told me well all the studies say that if you exercise youll get better and fm will never get worse you will have bad days but can not be disabled or crippled, he said so ill tell your dr you do have it and he will take care of you!
    ok i was dx 4 years ago i already new i had thid dd
    when i told him the drs sent me there because i had gotten worse he said well your referrell says confirm dx and evuate and thats what i did i said they are concerned i may have lupus or ra he looked at me and said you dont i said you can tell that by looking at me! he said yes im a exspert at those i know you dont have them! anyways the dr reports say all your test are nes and showed me a pile of papers i said well all those were neg for ms thats what they thought i had,he said anyways any autoimmune promblems wont cause the numbness and balance promblems any ways i told him that this was a waste of both our time then but i insisted he run some blood test because i havent had them done for antibody in 4 years he said ok but im sending them to your pc i know your fine and dont need to see you agin ,im so upset !
    im so sick of drs this one says he spealizes in fm in his bio!
    what a jerk!
    ok im done complaing
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    I'm so sorry. Sounds like my Rheumy. If I didn't know any better, sounds like the wonderful Dr. Layton I saw. I too had a horrible experience, no gown, 6 questions, no bloodwork, then pushed me out the door, you know the ole "don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!" type of thing.

    I hear you.

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    What a jerk!!! I hope you told him that? Noone should treat you that way and especially an "Expert". How very insensitive.....

    Don't get discouraged, you may have to try several before you get a good one. But they are out there.

    I am so sorry you had to go through that. I had to go through 4 doctors before I found one who acted like I had a
    brain. Anyone with a big family and stays home to raise them is One Fry Short Of A Happy Meal!That is what I had to go through. Never mind that I have an IQ higher that the DR...

    See I am Mad at that Dr. Hope I helped. 1maqt
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    I went to a Rheumy at a University Health Center. He had sent be a form questionnaire to fill out. He read it, had me stand up and then "frisked" me as if I were a criminal! He had my arems straight out and punched me and shoved me and hit all kinds of trigger points. He then sent me to a shrink! Of course, at the same University. All this guy could say is "you are very, very, sad. No, I hurt. I am not sad, nor depressed, I hurt. Gave so many meds that I didn't even know my own name. My 2nd rheumy was better, but not much. My pcp is a peach and is rooting for me. Don't give up! It's taken me 2 years but I'm getting there. I have a lawyer who speciallizes in FM and will have a hearing within the next 8 to 10 months. This site has been so much help. All the articles have led me down the right path. Hang in there. lol.
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    So sorry to hear you are both having such problems. Hope you find someone soon that will be of some help.I was wondering if there was a support group in your area ,if so they may know of some good Doctors that would be a little more understanding .They also have a list of Doctors on this board that may help.Sounds like you need some help so
    on. Good luck .Heres to good days soon. God Bless Danisue..Ps my girlfriend of many years lives in flordia and wants me to move there but I'm really afraid that I won't find a good Doc right away.It's really a scary thing when so much of your existence depends on how well your Doctor teats you.I have a daughter that lives in Wisc that has run into problems like yours. She's in tears most of the time. By Now
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    Kara....This may sound stupid but you wrote at the end that your done complaining. I posted a message to the board for anyone to give input on this DD. I am writing a book on this horrid disease. NEVER stop letting your voice be heard. If you read my bio you'll see I have been a nurse for 12 years. I know how doctors can treat you. You HAVE to keep demanding that they listen, and if they don't, you have to find someone that will. I am sorry for the way he treated you. I've too have been undermined. The doctor's get really mad when we suggest anything to them because they feel like GOD"S. If they don't know they sure as heck don't want to tell you that. We become another number. And yes they spit questions out faster than an auctioneer and hardly wait for your answer. Again I tell you NEVER< NEVER<give up Kara until you find the answers. I would love your input on my message posted "Writing A Book On Fibro", I am compling your voices for this book. Your in my thoughts and prayers today.....Peace Vicque
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    Just an old joke, but maybe someone has not heard it yet.



    Giggles to all, Loonie :)
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    Sorry to hear you waited so long for nothing. I had a similar experience when I was still trying to get a dx. The rheumy I saw must have been a cousin of the one you saw. The exam sure sounds like the one I had. Mine looked at me and told me her didn't believe in CFS, had studied it for over 20 years and concluded it was all in your head. I found that intersting since it had not even been a recognized health issue for 20 years!

    I found another doc and that has made all the diference. That's what you need to do. If your own doc can't help you find one look on your own. Try the doctor referral here, ask here, there are good docs out there, we just have to search for them. After I found mine other docs I saw then told me he was the best around for CFS/FM. I thought, where were you when I needed you?!

    Good luck.