My rheumatologist says.... (fibro)

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  1. There are a couple new promising meds coming out next yr for fibromyalgia. He didn't say what they were but he says there is alot of promise. I hope so I have suffered for 25 plus yrs. and it is getting more painful and exhausting.
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    I'm glad to hear that. I just got an official Rheumy and started Cymbalta (on my 3rd week now) - haven't noticed much change yet. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed. My insurance is still "reviewing" my pre-authorization, so I hope it goes through. I'm on samples now and if I have to go off of this, I hear it is not good :(

    I have tried muscle relaxers, Pamelor, Neurontin, Lyrica (insurance also wouldn't cover & I gained lots of lbs) and I currently take Tramadol also daily. I just want something to 1. take the daily pain away, 2. reduce my flares (I'll even settle for a few every now and then that I can control with meds) and 3. ENERGY. I am tired of being exhausted after doing nothing!!
    I am only 28 and I'm so sick of FM already...just diagnosed (been suffering for a few years) - I can't imagine being 25 + years like this...I feel for you.

    I hope your Rheum is right - they need to be doing more research on this. I know it's not terminal like cancer...but it is no way to live and we all deserve a pain free and happy life!
    I'll keep my fingers crossed that your Rheum knows what is going on!
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  3. Shalome1990

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    I hope something will come out too!!! I am so tired that I am not sure how much longer I can work. And I am only 36!!

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