my right hand..cant ya help answer this 4 me..

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by karen_dean, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. karen_dean

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    When I woke up this fingers on my left hand are jumpy..and across my fingers and up my fingers, excluding my thumb are tingling..there isn't any numbness..or pain...just this wierd sensation, it just goes to my wrist..not up my arm.

    Can u help me out ..thx

  2. suz45

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    I'm not sure but it could be a trigger point in your arm placing pressures on a nerve that might expalin the tinglinging sensation. Have you had this before? also muscles get jumpy or spasms when atrigger point is acting up.

    Hope this helps

  3. karen_dean

    karen_dean New Member

    it was nice of u to respond...after a few hours it did subside...strange isn't where we ((I)) take myself ..but thank you tho again for caring enough to help out.

    Blessings ~~~*karen*~~~~
  4. monkeykat

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    Hi Karen,

    Try this next time it happens...

    Take all jewelry, watches, magnets & electrical devices off your body.

    Then separately hold each finger with your other hand. i.e. Wrap all fingers of your other hand around one finger at a time and hold for about 5 mins. You may feel a lot of pulsing as you hold and you can hold it up to 20 mins if you want. Anyway, this is a quick way to help all the energy spheres in your body.

    After you do one hand then do each finger on your other hand which will help that side of the body too.

    I do this often while watching TV or whatever.

    Keep hope alive, Monkeykat