my school has messed up beyond belief. help?

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  1. dani78xo

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    okay, i need major help.

    basically, i sat down with my school
    (guidance counselor, vice principal, principal, and a few others)
    and they told me that i oul have to take summer school.

    well, they never told us when the classes were, even though they said they'd let us know befor ehtey started.

    apparently they started earlier this week.

    without this class, i will not graduate with my class.
    i can't let that happen. i already have major anxiety issues and i NEED to graduate with my friends.

    so basically, the schoosl been messing up all year.
    they didn't help me when i first got sick, my tutor either never handed in all the work i passed to her or the school lost it, so i didn't get credit for ANYTHING that i did over the school year.

    i was REALLY lucky that one of my teachers let me pass with just the final done, since i explained to her that i'd already done all of the work, and i didn't know why it hadnt gotten to her.

    then, we called one of my other teachers to see what all i had to get in to get credit, even like a C or something. Just to pass. He never called us back, and then school ended. So i didn't try to frantically write numerous essays, because i didn't want to do all that work and kill myself if there was no way i was gonna get credit anyways.

    The school called today, after we called them, and said that the teacher told them i never turned in work. Well, we CALLED him, and he never called us back. We waited for him to call for two weeks, and he never did.

    Then we find out today that summer school has already started. Oh, and they forgot to mention that its EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS, for ONE class, which we don't have.

    and, even though they assured us at our meeting a month ago that the classes wouldn't interfere with each other and would be at different times, of course, the classes ARE at the SAME time. so there's no way i can take all the ones i need.

    i don't know what to do, and i've been DESPERATELY trying to get credit so i can go on to be a junior next year, but they're making it SO difficult, and they keep messing up, so it seems like no matter what i do, they're just going to ruin everything i've accomplished so far.

    before i got sick i wasn't a bad student. i just don't know why they're doing this to me. before i got sick i had all A's or B's. and then they were refusing to let me do summer school, andi had to basically YELL at them, saying that i had GOOD grades before i got sick, so i WAS eligible for summer school.

    i don't know what to do at this point. the school is making it impossible for me to do anything at all, and i don't even know if im gonna be able to do summer school this year, so i'd be held back.

    does anyone know if this would be a good enough case to talk to the superintendent about? it seems like no matter how many phone calls or meetings we put in, they keep making us fall behind by messing up.

    i feel at this point i need to take drastic measures to make sure i don't get held back, because my mom agrees with me, if i'm held back i'll be even wrose off than i am now...i just can't let it happen.

    ANY advice that anyone can give me would be GREATLY appreciated =[.

  2. kaiasmom

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    But here in CA, if you have a diagnosis of fibro, and are in the public school system, they have to make accomidations for you. Doesn't really sound like that is working out too well. Does your tutor have anything to say? Seems like that is the person who should be answering some questions here.

    At any rate, I guess it's not really helpful to point fingers anyways, but I would definitely say that a meeting with someone higher-up the food chain is in order. If you did the work, and it was not turned in, or acknowledged, that's a big problem that needs to be resolved.

    Also, if you contacted a teacher about an issue, and he did not return the call, and just failed you, that is also an issue that needs to be resolved. For you to have to pay for summer school is ridiculous.

    There has to be someone who knows what your rights are, that can help you get somewhere with those idiots. The problem is that they know you don't know what your rights are, and there's no way they're going to be the one's to clue you in, because it would probably mean more work for them.

    Sorry I wasn't much help, but wanted to give you my support at least.

    Good luck & take care,
  3. rockgor

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    about a public, tax-supported school? I never heard of someone having to pay to attend such a school.

    We have free public schools in this country because we are a democracy, and we need an enlightened public.

    Instead of paying to attend a class, you may need to hire an attorney and have your rights enforced. But before doing that, you should try and get some help from the people who are supposed to be doing their job.

    Write the school board; the superintendent; your congress person; the state dept. of education; the newspapers and tv stations. The wheel that squeaks etc.

    Good luck!
  4. dani78xo

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    it's summer school that they wanted us to pay for.
    we talked to my guidance counselor today though and she said we wouldn't have to end up paying for it...

    but it still doesn't change the fact that they're doing everything they can to make it impossible for me to graduate on time.
  5. matthewson

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    Honey, have you thought about possibly just getting your G.E.D? It might take the stress off of you of trying to go to classes when you are so sick. My neice ended up dropping out of school (long story) and she finished up her G.E.D and now she is enrolled in college.

    I also see from some of your other posts that you suffer from social anxiety. I just wanted to tell you that I also suffered with it from the age of 12, and basically ran my whole life around it, until the age of 48 when I ended up on zoloft for depression. The zoloft totally cured my social anxiety! I am not even on it anymore and I still have not had a reoccurance! My daughter, unfortunately, also has social anxiety (I am SURE it is hereditary, as she never really knew that I had it, I kept it pretty well hidden). Right now she is just trying to deal with it, but she knows that if she decides it is bad enough, she will take meds for it. I just wanted to tell you that if it does get so bad that it interfers with your life, there is hope!

    Also, I know you were looking for some suggestions on sleep meds. I take flexeril and I can't even take the whole pill it knocks me out too much. It is a muscle relaxer, but it also is one of the few meds that promotes stage 4 sleep. I know because I did some research about that and asked my Dr. for it for sleep. It really does the trick when I can not sleep at all. I think someone's idea of rotating meds might work better too.

    I feel for you honey, you are so young to have this! I was the ripe old age of 49 and I am still having a hard time dealing with this!

    Hope you can get some help from the school with this.

    Take care, Sally