My SIL died

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by pepper, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. pepper

    pepper New Member

    last night. Her sister was praying by her bedside when she passed. It was very peaceful and I am so happy that her sister was there for her.

    This is a relief for all concerned since she has been quite ill since April.

    My DH now has to drive 12 hr to go to the wake and funeral.

    Thanks to everyone who prayed for her.

  2. myalgiamania

    myalgiamania New Member

    I will pray for you and your family. now she is in peace though. i will pray that your DH has a safe trip.

    Dear Jesus...please look out for the family and friends of this dear lady that passed.
    may they find comfort to know that she is now with You in Heaven in Your Glorious Light.
    May their journey be safe....and may their loved ones at home waiting feel secure. In Jesus Name Amen
  3. tlayne

    tlayne Member

    your husband, and the whole family.

    Dear Lord, as you accept your child into your loving arms please be with this dear family. Please give comfort and assurance of their loved one's salvation. Bring a peace that will surpass all understanding. Bring others Lord that will show your love and compassion in their time of need. Please hold this family close to you in their mourning, and may they have assurance in you. In Jesus' name, Amen.

    pepper, I will be thinking of you and your family in your time of loss. May our Lord bring blessings to each of you. Love, Tam
  4. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    and you also as you can't be having a good time with your cfs.My sympathies go out to everyone.Linda
  5. dejovu

    dejovu New Member

    Dear Heavenly Father, you have taken your child home. I pray that she saw Your face and recieved Your gift of love.

    In this time of mourning I ask that you bring peace to this family. They have seen so much heartache from this disease.

    Draw them close to you and let them feel You in their presence. Please show them that in all things You are always there.

    Fill their hearts with the loving memories of their sister and the hopes of being with her again.

    Keep them safe and help them heal. I ask this in the Name of Your Beloved Son. Amen
  6. pepper

    pepper New Member

    for your prayers and your support. My DH is going to speak at her funeral and is going to mention the positive power of the Internet in that people who have never met us or his sister have been praying for her to have a peaceful death. And she did.

    We hear so much of the negative aspects of the Internet that he thought that this might be eye-opening for many people - as it was for him when I told him about the Worship Board and Prayer Night a couple of weeks ago when my prayer request was answered so promptly on a Friday morning.

  7. kgangel

    kgangel New Member

    Dear Pepper

    I am so so sorry, May God Bless you and your family and give you his peace

    You are in my prayers


  8. Asatrump

    Asatrump New Member

    Please accept my condolences and prayers.
  9. pepper

    pepper New Member

    Myalgiamania, Tam, Pam, Linda, dejovu, kgangel, asatrump, and tigress11.

    Your prayers are so much appreciated by us all. I am sure that they contributed to her peaceful passing.
  10. bandwoman

    bandwoman New Member

    I am so sorry to hear about your sister in law. I know she had been ill for such a long time. I am glad she didn't have to suffer anymore. I am glad her sister was there at her bedside when she passed. I will pray for your husband and his long drive. I pray that the the Lord will give him peace and courage as he speaks at her funeral. I am so glad that you both have felt the power of this worship board. I was just telling my muscle therapist about the worship board last night and how supportive everyone is here. We will continue to lift you up. How are you feeling? I have been praying for you as I know you have been sick for a long time. Take care and know I will be thinking and praying for you.

  11. pepper

    pepper New Member

    for your prayers and your kind words.

    As you know, stress exacerbates all our symptoms and I sure am feeling it. I am just so glad that this one major stressor in our lives will be over soon.

    And we are so glad that her suffering is over. This was hanging over her head for 12 yrs. She was so thankful that she lived long enough to see her grandson and watch him grow into a mischievous little 3 yr old.

    I wish I were well enough to drive with my DH but 2 hours is my max in a car so that is out of the question. He is leaving tomorrow.

    The power of this Worship Board is an amazing thing when you think about it. Thank you for continuing to lift me up.

  12. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    You are in our hearts and in our prayers.

  13. caffey

    caffey New Member

    I am so sorry. But on the other hand she is in a much better place. I am so glad that she went peacefully. It is so amazing to be talking with the Lord by faith and then in a split second you are talking face to face WOW!! that is so incredible. I am also so glad that she didn't linger or suffer. May God give you the strenght you need to do what you need to do over the next few days and weeks. Remember you are loved and we are praying and waiting for you to return . Please be at peace.
  14. Suzy37

    Suzy37 New Member

    Many HUGS to you, your husband and his family.
  15. pepper

    pepper New Member

    Morningsonshine, LittleBlueStem, Cath and suzy37. I so appreciate your support and your prayers. I just sent my DH off on his long drive alone.

    It is wonderful to know that you are all there praying for us. I am looking forward to Prayer Night tonight and I will do the same for you all.