my skin is burning really badly

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sunflowergirl, Jul 6, 2007.

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    My Mom was put in a hospice on Friday night, and along with everything else had MRSA in her urine so was in isolation. I had to wear a plastic gown and gloves to be with her, and after two days my skin was burning really bad. The doc. gave me a short time dose of a form of prednisone and I'm buying benedryl today.

    Yesterday it flared up again after coming home from the mortuary. I'm coping with her death on July 3 the best I can but this skin burning is really bad.

    Anybody deal with this? Apparently it is another thing that happens with FM.
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    So Sorry to Hear of your Mom's Passing! Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you!

    I Have Heard of people Being allergic to the latex procuct that the Gloves are made out of!,,,,,Try Taking a bath in oatmeal or Baking soda added to the water!,,,,,,,,Hugs!,,,,,Sisland
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    on the top of my feet and the front of my lower legs

    I found that Lyrica has helped me heaps with that, its not completely gone but bearable

    angel hugs