My skin is on fire!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pgfnch2, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. pgfnch2

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    Hey guys, just needed to vent, but tonight my skin is on fire. My leg and hip feels like someone poured acid on me. Or like a pot of boiling water fell onto my leg. I'm serious. It has just about gotten the best of my nerves! I'd scream to the top of my lung if I thought it would do any good. But I know better...after 19 years of this stuff. Have you ever felt like this? Like someone put a branding iron to you, or hit you as hard as they could with a belt? Those are the best comparisons I can come up with, and all seem to apply. I hate this!
  2. pgfnch2

    pgfnch2 New Member

    I am taking Flexeril and Darvocet to help relieve it, but are barely taking the edge off. FM does this to me. I may go a while without it happening, but when it does, I can hardly stand it. All those knots and nodules, and what have you, are in high prime. Most anywhere I touch myself, there is a knot. If I touch it, it causes pressure somewhere else. To me, its kinda like a road map ~ it's ALL connected somehow. This is awful!
  3. Megumi

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    Hi PGFNCH2

    Do a search (upper left corner)for 'skin burn'. There have been several posts about it - not much in resolving but good info nonetheless. It appears to be a fairly common condition in the dd's. I hope it helps just to know that you aren't alone in this one.

  4. pgfnch2

    pgfnch2 New Member

    for your responses. You did help, because at least I know that somebody else in the world even knows what I'm talking about! One of the scariest things about this stuff to me is thinking that you are in this all alone, and that nobody alive could imagine how horrible and freaky it is. I'm not glad that anybody else has had to experience this, but I am comforted to know that I am understood. Thanks...
  5. JonP06

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    My skin gets a rash all over, worse on my arms, but pretty bad all over. At times it just itches, some days are worse than others. But it does burns too. Sometimes it hurts all the way through my skin into my muscles and keeps me from doing anything. I've had it get on the bottom of my feet and all over my of my hands. Sometimes it goes beyond that and affects my joints too. When it gets that bad I simply just lay down and try to sleep it off. Rest is the ONLY solution I have found to wear it off. But it comes back by the next morning but not as strong. It happens to me everyday now and there is no relief for it as far as I'm concerned.
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  6. Mareeok

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    I get it all the time, mainly from my RSD however. It burns on the inside too. There was a man on the RSD site I belong to who died not too long ago. He had one of the worst cases. He actually developed hugs blisters on his legs from the inside heat. He was getting hypoberic (sp?) treatments every week. The pure oxygin was the only thing that gave him some relief. The pictures were absolutely horrid. But like I said, he had a very very bad case of RSD.

    I always have the hot pain. My pain level in one day can jump from a 3 to over 10 even when nothing was done to aggrivate it. Yep, feels like red hot prongs stabbing me or thousands of angry bees when my pain level is below 5. Your explination of the acid feeling is very appropriate when my pain level goes above 5. The body part that burns the most will turn a dark purple and sometimes swell.

    Heart hugs,
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  7. KJ2003

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    My dear, I used to have this type of pain ALL OF THE TIME. But my doctor prescribed Neurontin and it is helping immensely!

    Please ask you doctor about this medication as many in our condition have to take it for nerve pain.


    Chin up,

  8. Mareeok

    Mareeok New Member

    If you can do some research on Neurontin and then ask your doctor about it. My body is very sensitive to meds and that may be why, but Neurontin didn't help me. It gave me a racing heart and shortness of breath. Also made me gain weight. It works well, however, for a lot of people.
  9. proo

    proo New Member

    Sorry to hear that you also have this what ever it is.....burning thing. I have the best Rheum. in the world and she cannot answer the "what is this" question. I feel like a baked Alaska. My core temp is low, my skin is on fire, expecially during the night and in the extremities.
    Throw in a hot flash or two......... you get the idea.

    If you ever find out the cause and rx. for this burning, please share.

    Many thanks and hugs, proo

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