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    I have always been a good sleeper, then in 1999 when the Fibro attacked my body, emotional trauma, everything changed, I was 61. Sleep changed a lot, the body went thru trauma.

    So I worked and worked on sleep issues, NEVER going the "drug" route for sleep...too too unnatural. Those drugs really mess up our sleep patterns....

    So finally probably 2 yrs ago I "GOT IT"....for me here is what works and works pretty darn good:

    7PM I take 1/2 mg Melatonin (source naturals)
    500mg Lemon Balm (just found out if HypoT, LB not good)
    so I'm stopping it for now...
    500mg Inositol (from Vit B family)

    The above is getting the body ready for sleep.

    Then about 9PM I take
    500mg Inositol (no Lemon Balm now) it may be effecting my
    thyroid HypoT
    500mg GABA maybe on this, one has to test

    Usually start going to bed about
    10:30PM or so and at that point
    when I lay my head on pillow, I
    take 1 Calms Forte' (homeopathic)

    This puts me into a good deep sleep,
    when I wake up for bathroom at 3-4AM
    and feel I can't get back to sleep I take
    1 Calms Forte' and I'm back to a nice

    Now, since I'm on Anatabloc for going on 3
    months, I sleep even better MOST nights and
    waking up in NO PAIN.....and nice dreams...
    Anatabloc knocks down the inflammation and
    is a food based supplement.

    Sleep is a HUGE issue for so many and sleep
    is our greatest healer.

    I deal with FM, OA and complications from
    hip replacement surgery....lots of inflammation.

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  2. I am going to try the lemon balm,inositol,and Magnesium...Sounds great...I have serious sleep problems...I have gone without sleep for almost i will buy the above 3..and hope it will put me to sleep like it does you..Thanks..Jam.
  3. jaminhealth

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    your sleep...this combo has been my salvation...

    I just slept a good solid 10 hrs last night, didn't even
    wake at 5Am as I often do and in which case I take a
    Calms Forte' which puts me back to sleep until 8ish....

    The Anatabloc I'm taking now for going on 2 months helps with the sleep too. Take care, we need our sleep. jam
  4. Thanks for replying...I am going to buy the Lemon Balm,Inositol,melantoin,and Calms Forte...Hope it helps me.

    That's great 10 hours sleep!!!! I haven't slept like that since I was in my late 30's...the Calms Forte..Ive seen it at Rite Aid Store...

    What is the Antabloc? Please let me know...If the combination you take helps..I will stop taking prescription Ambien and the Klonopin...I've been taking them for over 2 years..and they've affected my memory...

    Thanks, Jamin...And yes we need our sleep,how true...:)
  5. jaminhealth

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    help you....what about low dose melatonin? I have no desire for those pharma drugs, they do a job on our health.

    The Anatabloc is an killer of inflammation...I have a long thread going on the FM/CFS board....this is proving to help
    even make my sleep better...
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    I have been taking Calcium & Mag. during the day, then Mag. & Inositol (evening), then Lemon Balm & Valerian prior to going to bed, I don't need to get out of bed during the night.

    I'm falling to sleep quicker than I use to but I'm only getting about 5 to 6 hours of broken sleep, I'm tired out most days and tend to get headaches and/or bad heads. I'm not getting anywhere near enough prolonged sleep, I need at least 8+ hours solid sleep to feel fresher during the day.

    I've tried Melatonin in years gone by but it didn't seem to help me.
    Also it seems to make depression worse or cause it to reoccur, depression is a major issue for many people with CFS/ME.

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  7. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    he has an hour of health issues, and spending a good
    portion on sleep....says people take too many sleep meds, and that low dose melatonin is best, says 1/2mg and that is what is in my sleep perfect for my sleep.

    I buy 1mg tablets (like Source Naturals best) and split them in 4's...they are easy to break... I've used other 1mg tabs but they are much harder to break..

    For those AM wake ups, Calm Forte' works for me if I can't get
    back to sleep after a bathroom run at 2AM or so. [This Message was Edited on 03/01/2013]
  8. ... I've been only getting about 5 hours of broken sleep and I know this is working against me healing and getting better...

    I was on NyQuil for the last two weeks because of respiratory symptoms (bad sore throat and cough... Lots of mucus, etc)... I was prob on it longer than I needed to be because once I had taken it for a few days, I tried NOT taking it and couldn't fall asleep even with my regular sleep supps that I take.... So after trying to sleep for a couple hours, I would get up and take the NyQuil out of desperation...

    But I think the NyQuil was giving me bad after-effects and exacerbating my ME/CFS symptoms... So last night I didn't take it and only got 5 hours of broken sleep... So maybe I need to try Jam's regimen... Only problem is that I have been taking 5 mg of melatonin for years, so I'm sure my brain is used to that dose now and decreasing to 1/2 mg would essentially be the same for me as taking no melatonin at all... Not sure what to do about that...

    But thanks for sharing this info, Jam... Good sleep is so key to our health, and I rarely if ever get more than 5 or 6 hours of unbroken sleep... I would be so happy and blessed to be able to have the same success that you are having, Jam...

    Thanks again, Jam...

  9. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    I don't think even as a young person did I sleep without it
    being broken up.

    Last night I woke at 2am to go to the bathroom, but thankfully got back to sleep....then I think another BR run at 5am and back to sleep....I don't think I popped a Calms last night as I got back to sleep. I don't know anyone who sleeps non stop with no breaks....I drink water during the runs to bathroom as mouth gets dry....old age for me...what else does it....everything drys as we age.
  10. LadyCarol

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    As I said I can't tolerate Melatonin so that's not an option for me, it makes me worse and compounds depression.

    Checking with my doctor next week, alas more than sleep is broken with me.
  11. Fibrofoggy4

    Fibrofoggy4 Member

    10 hours a night? OMG. Everyone would think I was dead.
    I'd be happy with 10 hours a month.
    It was a nasty thing that started with extreme pain.
    Before I was diagnosed I had no clue why everything
    Was changing. The pain was so bad I would squirm in
    Every position to try to ease it. My feet would be any which
    Way but loose.
    I was told to keep my room cool, shut lights and TV.
    Soft music was allowed. I would toss and turn and cry
    And I don't cry easy. After an hour or 2 I'd have to get up and
    Move around. I would do wash, clean floors anything to work out the knots in my leg.
    One night, as I was waiting for an appointment to see my
    Dr.(still had weeks to go,), I drove to the nearest ER.
    That's where all the tests were done for hours and hours.
    When I saw my dr finally, he wanted to have all the tests
    Redone. All the scans, X-rays , mri's were right there in
    The same hospital. Clue 1,, not seeing this. Dr. Again.
    Its still very painful and when I lie down, my eyes pop open
    Wide, like dont even think that. However, I wii try your remedy. I am very thankful u told me about it.
    Thanx, sherri
  12. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    Lemon Balm can affect one with HypoT, it's from the goitrogenic family, now I find out...

    Well, better late than never, plus I did 3 of my muscle testing and got a NO reply for LB....I thought it was helping me and I was sleeping good, no Lorazepam anymore....

    So, I will take More Inositol which tests Strong with my muscle testing techniques and since on Anatabloc I'm sleeping much better too. Sorry about this, but I didn't
    know about this plant being a goitrogenic.......same family with brussel sprouts, etc.
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  13. LadyCarol

    LadyCarol Member

    jam, what did you take for sleep last night and how well did you sleep ?
  14. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    upped the Inositol and added Gaba and slept GOOD....

    I was a bit worried as I have been sleeping so good.
  15. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    who would have thunk it had goitrogenic many foods do and I eat a lot of them even strawberries I've backed off it for sleeping and upping inositol and taking gaba instead and still sleeping good, althou last night was a bit restless, have to remember what we "eat" close to bed.....and I ate some pretzels last night....can't win...

    Hope you are good. jam
  16. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    feel soooo bad, LB got me off lorazepam...that's big.

    Inositol is a calmer, go figure is right...

    Deep Sleep is a product I used a long time ago before
    I made my own combo....
  17. LadyCarol

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    Diane, Lemon Balm is helping me with sleep, and it's thanks to you for bringing to our attention. No downside for me, only an upside, it helps me sleep end of.
  18. LadyCarol

    LadyCarol Member

    jam, how are you sleeping at the moment ?
    Has stopping Lemon Balm made any difference to your overall sleep quality ?
  19. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    just upped Inositol and added Gaba and even waking up
    for bathroom and most nights NOT taking a Calms to get back to sleep, I just get right back to sleep...still averaging 9 hrs per night....

    Are you still doing good?
  20. LadyCarol

    LadyCarol Member

    That's good to hear and very encouraging.

    Lemon Balm is helping me to sleep but I get inconsistent amounts of sleep per night. I take Inositol in the morning with breakfast, I moved it away from taking it in the evening due to tummy upset problems. I may try taking Inositol in the morning and a smaller dose in the evening to see how that goes. I'm taking a small dose of Magnesium in the morning & evening and am able to tolerate it ok now.

    I haven't tried GABA, there is some evidence that GABA does not cross the blood–brain barrier at significant levels but there is also evidence of the calming effects of GABA when taken as an oral supplement.

    Have you tried sleeping without taking GABA to see if it does or doesn't make difference for you ?