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    I ask for prayers for Andrew that he continue to have strength. He is healthy in mind, body and spirit . I thank Lord, the marriage ended, they merely planned a party, not a life together. Four years now and he is healing. He is a wonderful son, and is healthy and loving.

    The reason I ask for prayers for Andrew is he gives radiation treatments and cyber knife treatments all day every day to people with cancer. He tries to leave his work at the office. He started doing this at 21 and he is now 32. To continue in this work is difficult. He tries to remain univolved, but there are certain patients who truly tug at his heart. 99% of the time he mentions nothing of his work, and we have learned not to ask.

    He is very effected right now by a man only 26. The patient has refused treatment and plans to go to Sloan Kettering hopeing to hear things that are not possible. He is a muscled and handsome person according to my son, and he is in denial. Andy knows he has less than six months and if he doesn't start radiation in the next week, he will be unable to breathe in less than a month.

    I think it is difficult for Andy as a medical professional to remain quiet. He is not allowed to tell the patient all he knows. That this young man has lung cancer and has never smoked, and that the PET scans show it in half a dozen other places in his body.

    It is difficult for my son to have the knowledge he does, and know this 26 year old will live less than six months.

    Pray for continued strength for our health care professionals. I know as a patient myself I think of most of them as cold and uncaring. But, when I hear my son speak, I realize why they must retain the demeanor .
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    What a difficult situation. Know that I will be praying for your son.

    This is so true of people in the Med. profession. When you posted this I thought of someone I know whose sister is a geriatic (sp.) counselor. She helps people to understand that it's ok to stop fighting and let go.

    There are so many wonderful caring people called to work in all fields of medicine. I think when we run into those who should have been better off somewhere else we forget about those who care so much.

    We must understand that they need to take care of themselves. And we should pray for them.

    Sorry I'm rambling, my brain is slow kicking in this AM. Have a wonderful Sunday. It's a wonderful day to celebrate
    our loving Lord, the one who teaches us how to love and understand. Blessings. De

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    Sending prayers for Andrew and his career. I didn't realize that type of profession was so difficult emotionally.

    Hugs and prayers,
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    When I read this it touched me so very much. Your son, Andrew is certainly a giving person. He must be totally drained after a day there. This type of work is truly a work of love.

    I also thought about when I was reading about Andrew the Apostle.
    Your Andrew is so much like him.
    He was the first to the title of Home and Foriegn Missions. It also said that he was optomistic, unresentful, unjealous, and well content to be in second place.

    God bless this special man of yours!

    Love, Mari
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    Your son is a hero, to live with so much suffering and compassion. Will keep him in my prayers and the young patient also.

    Blessings, Judy
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    Andrew rarely if ever complains and he works at living life to it's fullest. Sometimes I get upset with his latest motorcycle as I think them so dangerous. But others have pointed out to me his need to "delete" his mind of a day at work.
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    Your name keeps coming to my mind. I always wonder when that happens if it might be God trying to lead me to contact or pray for that person. I hope all is well with you. (-:

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    Thank you. Just thank you.