My son doesn't understand FM\CF

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jlouise, Dec 23, 2002.

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    My 18 year old son is very intelligent, however, he doesn't understand how debilitating my FM\CF can be. He feels I can work toward being better and one day I will be fine. He also feels that my illness is more emotional than physical. I have explained to him that because of the lack of sleep at times and constant fatigue, I do get some Depression, and I get fibrofog. He believes I can change that. I do take an SRI, Zoloft, but it is not a cure. He has known about my fibromyalgia since he was 10, when I was diagnosed. He has seen me at my worst and best, which may be hard for him to realize that I can go from okay to awful and back in a short period of time. Today he used "psychosomatic" to describe me. How do I help him understand that I will probably never be what I was 10 years ago? I feel he is angry at me for having FM\CF.
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    My 20 year old daughter has had much the same reaction to my dx a year ago. I also have CFS and FM. She has been angry and in denial that I have anything serious wrong with me.

    Over the weekend my oldest was here with his fiancee. I was talking to them about it and about the video called I Remember Me, which is a documentary about CFS. When they learned it was a real movie and not just somebody's home video, they were interested in seeing it.

    They are in California for a week, but when they return I am hoping my daughter will come over and we can all watch it together. I thought it might open up a good discussion too.

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    Perhaps in addition to watching the movie, you can offer some literature, that would help validate these disorders to your son. It has helped my spouse, and my four children, to understand what they can and cannot expect from FM/CFID. They also have read some of the posts here, on the message board, especially those related to family issues. Seeing other's viewpoints, problems, and symptoms, has been positive, as well.
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