My son is 19 today

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    The thing I would most like to give him would be a little box, beautifully wrapped, with a pill inside. I'd tell him, "This is your magic pill for CFS- now you'll be back to the way you were before this happened!" We're all looking for that magic pill! Love, Terri
    p.s. He is happy with the PS 2 game we gave him!
  2. alaska3355

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    im a male turning 21 later this month, so I can relate to the struggles he's going through. If he wants someone to talk to, I can give you my email later and we can talk.

    thanks, chris

    EDIT: Was just looking at your bio - I played the trumpet too growing up! [This Message was Edited on 05/01/2006]
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    I know how you feel, even tho we have a firm dx for our soon-to-be 19 son, chronic Lyme & probably babeosis, it unfortunately isn't making things much easier...

    it is taking a long time for the abx to work (can take 18 months , from recent research)...

    in the mean time there is no normalcy per se cuz of herxes etc.

    In some ways it is harder on the younger ones, tendency is to push one's self. Or is it just that as we get older we realize that it doesn't necessarily get us anywhere, really? Hard to say sometimes, just musing...

    all the best,