My son, Matt was in an auto accident

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ilovecats94, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    Matt was in an auto accident this morning. His car is totaled.

    He was on 95 going south and someone cut him off and ran him off the road into the woods.

    He was taken to the VCU Medical College in Richmond to their Trauma Center. (Richmond, VA)

    Hospital called me and just by chance my husband was off work taking 1/2 a day off and was in Petersburg or somewhere near there. He went directly to the hospital.

    I called my older son, John, and he was working with his boss and couldn't leave right then until the job was over with. I did get a call from his fiancee and they are going to go to the hospital whenever John gets home.

    I called Matt's best friend, Nick and he and his wife are at the hospital now.

    I had to stay here because my cleaning girl was supposed to come and I always stay here when she is here. My cat gets too upset when she vacuums.

    Last thing I heard was he was bruised up and had a bad lip, other bruises and cuts, but no broken bones or internal injuries. His glasses broke and his spare are in his car, which was totaled. We don't know where the car is right now.

    They had to break the front windshield and cut the top off the car to get him out of it.

    The people who cut in front of him did stop and stay until the police got there and the ambulance. I don't know who got a ticket or anything about that part. The car was a 2005 Scion and he just got the car this year. It is a tiny car, so I'm not surprised that it was totaled.

    Any prayers you can give Matt that he will feel better will be appreciated.

    He has to spend the night at the hospital as a rule and won't be able to get home until tomorrow.

    I've been a wreck all day and I can't go to the hospital because I don't think my back will hold out with all the walking I would have to do.

    Matt is on vacation and only has to work Saturday, and I guess he will call in sick for that day. He can't drive until he gets new glasses if they can't find his older pair. Just heard from his friend, and he is going to get the spare glasses from the car right now and bring them back here.

    My husband has a car and truck and I don't go much, so Matt could take my husband's car and my husband could take my truck or his truck to work. I think my husband has taken the rest of the week off. If he hasn't, I'm sure he will.

    I don't know how to get to the hospital anyway, and I'm just too upset to be driving. Right now it is almost dark anyway.

    I guess he isn't in a room yet or they would call to give me the room number.

    Thanks in advance for your prayers.

    Matt is 25 years old and lives here with us.
  2. LollieBoo

    LollieBoo New Member

    not being able to see your son right now and knowing he's hurt. You did so much to ensure that he was surrounded by loving, concerned, caring people, though. That, I'm sure, has been a wonderful help to him in his situation.

    Matt will be in my prayers, I hope he has a speedy recovery and that the insurance companies act swiftly (and generously!). I will also be praying for you, Faye, that you can allow your body and mind to rest and relax. And that you feel comforted as well. I will also pray for the wonderful friends and family Matt has that came to help so wonderfully. You all deserve the richest blessings!

    Take care of yourself, Faye- I will be thinking about you!

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  3. kbak

    kbak Member

    Praying for Matt! So sorry to hear this has happened. May he have a very quick recovery.

  4. diva2mi

    diva2mi New Member

    Thank goodness Matt's angels were watching over him that it wasn't any worse. I had a bad auto accident a few years ago, and came out with bruises and burns from the air bag and my glasses were in the back of the car. Thank goodness it wasn't any worse for me either, but it jump started my fibro once again.

    I really believe that some one was watching over me as well since my car hit a cement wall going 70 mph. And it was totaled... The accident wasn't my fault, but I was sure nervous about driving for a little while.

    I would say just make sure Matt feels comfortable about driving and have his father ride with him if possible for a test drive or two. I will say prayers for all of you. I can't imagine receving that call as a mother. As it was, my father wsa unreachable for a week after my accident, so I had to wait to tell him when he got back home.

    I hope that you are able to see Matt very soon. Well, take care and I will be keeping you and your family in my thoughts over the Thanksgiving holiday. Keep in touch and let us know how he is doing.
  5. Christinawensell

    Christinawensell New Member

    for you and for Matt.

    Take care of yourself.

    Blessings, christina
  6. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    will be praying for a speedy recovery. How blessed you are that he was only injured...I am so glad he's OK!



  7. Mar19

    Mar19 New Member

    I'm so sorry to hear about Matt's accident, but I'm certainly happy that it sounds as if he wasn't hurt too seriously.

    I'll say a prayer for him -- and for you too. Things like this are a mother's worst nightmare, aren't they? I remember when my son was in the Marines and coming home on the weekends. One Sunday evening I got a call from him, it was snowy and icy. The call woke me up and when I answered I heard his voice saying, "Mom, I was just in an accident."

    My heart stopped beating, I think. Thankfully, my brain kicked in and I realized that if he was actually able to use his cell to call me, chances were he was okay. He was okay. His car got a bit of damage, and he was bumped and bruised a bit. I can imagine how you're feeling right about now.

    Give us an update on how Matt is doing, okay? I pray he'll recover from this quickly and w/o too much discomfort.

    Love and blessings
  8. ronter7

    ronter7 New Member

    for Matt and your whole family. thank goodness he is going to be o.k. hoping and praying for a speedy recovery!
  9. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    I'll be praying for a quick recovery also.
  10. pepper

    pepper New Member

    a mother's worst nightmare! I have 2 grown boys just like you and I think of that phone call from the police or the hospital almost daily. I can only imagine how stressed you must be!

    Thank goodness he was not seriously injured.

    I will pray for Matt tonight.

  11. hagardreams

    hagardreams New Member

    prayers for Matt and the whole family. I pray that God will heal Matt and give you all peace. God bless, Julie
  12. ckk

    ckk New Member

    my thoughts and prayers are for your son but i would have defintely had my husband come back and get me!!!!! and my pet would have taken a back seat for this situation, that's for sure. well, thank God he is ok. This will be a very THANKFUL THANKSGIVING. He must have a special angel watching over him, and I am sure he is a very special person. Have a very special Thanksgiving and enjoy your family being together.
  13. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Oh, Faye, I am so very sorry for you, Matt, and your family. I am praying for Matt right now as I type.

    I know how you feel when you receive a call like that. My husband and I were at his company's Christmas party when we received a call from a person at a hospital informing us that our daughter Carrie, who is 28 now, but was 24 at the time and still in med school, was in their ER as a result of an auto accident. It seems she was on a 4-lane highway and a drunk driver pulled out of a side road and hit her broadside--on the driver's side, sending her call over all the lanes of traffic, spinning, and then hitting another car head on. She was injured, but luckily nothing life threatening, and the drunk driver was not injured at all.

    I really happy that he doesn't have any serious injuries. I'm sure he is very grateful for that, too. As someone else said, your family will definitely have a lot of thanks to give on this Thanksgiving.

    I know you have probably been a wreck all day just worrying about him. I am just like you, I would not be able to go to a hospital and walk the long hallways and stand around waiting to talk with someone, etc. My back and legs just couldn't withstand it. I would have to have someone waiting for me with a wheelchair to take care of me.

    Being in this type of shape really upsets me when emergencies like this happen, mainly because I would not be able to physically handle it -- the emotional part is bad enough, but when you can't get around physically, it's another story.

    The hassle with the car being totalled, insurance companies, etc. with be problems to deal with, but at least your son is safe and sound.

    May the Lord continue to watch over him and take care of him.

    Much love,
  14. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    Thank you Hangininthere. You are so right, I have a lot to be grateful for.

    I have since found out more info about the accident, that he was trapped in the car upside down between two trees and couldn't get the seat belt off. He was like that for 45 minutes.

    Found out that the other people got the ticket, but they called the police and ambulance and stayed and didn't run, so that was good of them.

    His friend did go to the wrecked car and got his glasses (old ones) but couldn't see to get anything else. My husband is going in the morning to get the rest of his stuff out of the car. Then Matt will call me when he is ready to come home and I'll call his dad if he isn't here.

    Thank you, Lollie. Yes, today has been a nightmare, but everything seems to be working out fairly well. I didn't take anymore Xanax that I normally do, but I did think of it. lol

    Thanks, Kbak for your good wishes. They are appreciated!

    Kgangel, I live in Chester, VA. I don't know if the accident happened in Chesterfield County or Colonial Heights. He was going south on 95 to South Park Mall in Colonial Heights.

    I don't drive 95 anymore at all. The holiday traffic is probably making it a nightmare right now.

    Diva2mi, Matt should be coming home tomorrow. I have his bed made up and I never do that because he is 25 and old enough to do it himself. lol

    Matt seems to be bruised up pretty badly where the seat belt hit him and the air bag. His shoulder is very sore from the seat belt too. I won't know much more until I see him. I was happy I got to talk to him on the phone a bit around 9 PM.

    Thank you Christina! I feel the prayers have helped a lot. :)

    Fivesue, so am I happy that he will be okay. Talk about stress today. I had to take 2 pain pills and I normally don't take but 1.

    Thanks GeorgiaC for your prayers and I feel they all helped him.

    Mar19, you are right that this is a mother's worst nightmare. Especially since today he started his vacation until Saturday. Now he will need to take that day off and I don't know if he'll need another week or not.

    Michael, my husband, is off the rest of the week. Took 1/2 of a day today and all of tomorrow and gets Thursday and Friday. That will be really helpful in taking Matt to get new glasses if he needs that and a new belt if he needs that.

    Thank you Ronter7 aka Rhonda. This is really a miracle he is alive. I wonder how the people feel who caused the accident tonight not knowing if he is critical or not? Hospital gives no info out via the phone.

    I think we need to send prayers for the people who caused the accident, because they must be pretty upset too. I don't have their name, but Matt has that info at the hospital.

    Lovethesun, it was a close call and what a nightmare for Matt being upside down in a tiny car and he is a big man too. Forty-five minutes must have seemed like a lifetime to him.

    Carebear13 aka Carrie, I am doing okay considering, I just don't know how much sleep I will get tonight.

    Pepper, I was shocked when I got the phone call from the hospital. I thought it was a wrong number at first and then when she said "Faye" I about croaked. She said your son has been in an accident. Didn't say which one until I asked. I figured it was my older son, John, who is an HVAC technician and is always on the road traveling.

    For some reason I thought it might be my husband. I just couldn't believe it was Matt on his first day of vacation. He had so much planned that he wanted to do.

    Hagardreams aka Julie, thank you for your prayers. :)

    Ckk, well I don't think I could have walked very far with my back hurting the way it has lately. Matt understood and his best friend went to see him and his brother went to see him. He was moved into a room and I did get to talk to him tonight and so did his dad.

    Yes, we certainly will have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year.

    Janet, the people who changed lanes suddenly and hit Matt weren't hurt either. I don't know about their car. My back has been much worse lately, because I have gained 6 pounds and the weight is what is killing my back.

    Of course, I didn't have much of an appetite tonight. My sugar was under 100 before dinner, but we ate at 9 PM and it was over 200 around 10:30 PM.

    As you know, Matt is diabetic too and has advanced retinopathy. He has had 3 surgeries and the eye doc said he would need more surgery on his eyes. I just hope this accident didn't do any further damage to his eyes.

    When I was straightening up his bed, my back was just killing me. The Lortabs don't seem to help much with that back pain. I guess it is because it is from the weight.

    Everyone offered to take me to the hospital, but I just knew I couldn't make it physically walking. When my back cramps up, I have to sit down and usually that is it for me for a while.

    Mysticbrit aka Nancy, the stress isn't helping his diabetes either and he is off his cholesterol medicine and Glucophage pills. I don't guess he will get much sleep tonight with the nurses coming in there every 2 hours or so to take his blood sugar. His sugar must have been high for them to give him insulin.

    Matt loves computers and to play games on them. I also got a call tonight from GameStop where he used to be a manager that they were out of Xboxes and he apparently had reserved one.

    I want to end this with my deepest appreciation to all of your for replying to this thread and your prayers for Matt. May you all have a wonderful holiday and be blessed.

    Much love,

  15. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    Thanks again, Hangininthere. I'm almost ready to go to bed. It has been a long day for me.

    I can't imagine being upside down for 45 minutes and being as big as he is in that tiny car. I'm just wondering what car he will get next if he will get the Scion again or what. I know he likes Toyota products.

    Sounds selfish, but I'm wanting him to see an attorney to try to recoup the money he has lost from his new car being in the accident, loss of time from work, his vacation ruined, any aches and pains he will have and how long they may go on.

    If anyone is going to get FMS, it would be Matt. He has always been more sensitive to pain compared to my other son.

    Love and prayers to you also,
  16. Musica

    Musica New Member

    Have you gotten to see Matt yet? If they had to cut him out of the car, it really is something that he was only bruised. Still, as a parent, you can't help but worry, even if it doesn't help your fibro. Please do what you can to take care of yourself, as well.

    Prayers going up for Matt that he does have only minor injuries, and that he heals quickly. Just like the hurricanes, what are material possessions compared to human life? I hope things work out so he has a vehicle to drive to work.
  17. diva2mi

    diva2mi New Member

    Thank you for the update. Goodness, 45 minutes upside down, I can't believe it. He is so very lucky and I imagine that he will need lots of extra love for awhile. Making his bed is certainly an extra dose of that love! :)

    I am praying for you and your family. Take care and let us know how Matt is when he arrives home. That is when you have timre...

    Many good thoughts coming your way.

  18. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    Musica, no I haven't seen Matt yet. I have been fielding phone calls all morning. Michael (hubby) has gone to pick him up at the hospital. Matt was supposed to get breakfast but apparently won't. Cheap place can't even feed him one meal!

    My husband was able to get a lot of his possessions out of his car at the wreckers. His new glasses are intact, but bent out so could possible just need new frames at 4 Eyes.

    I don't know if he plans on working on Saturday, or just calling in sick that day. A rep of his company called and are going to overnight a package to him. I am assuming it has to do with disability short term. I don't know if he will need an extra week out or not.

    I have since found out that the accident was on the news, but I never saw it. I don't know which station it was on and too late now, but I surely would have like to have taped that.

    Matt will be able to drive my husband's Matrix. My husband has his pickup he can drive or my RAV4. So, we are okay as far as having vehicles. Matt doesn't like rental vehicles.

    Brandee, I am just waiting for the hospital to release him. I don't know why they take so long. This isn't a hospital that we use. It is very awkward and in a bad section of downtown Richmond. Security guards are all over because of the crime rate around that area. You have to go north on 95 to get there.

    Thanks again for all of your good thoughts and prayers. I know Matt will be happy to be home.

  19. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    Nancy and Hangininthere,
    Matt is home now and I can't believe how good he looks. He seems to be doing very well and is on his Mac computer now trying to take care of business and contact his auto insurance agent.

    Nancy, you are right, Matt said he didn't get but a few hours of sleep here and there. He did get breakfast, but it was at lunchtime.

    He has 12 Lortabs from when he was suffering badly from neuropathy, but I think he is just going to take Tylenol or Advil. My husband has gone to the store to pick up the deli tray for tomorrow and will get some generic Tylenol and Advil, etc.

    He has sore places more than bruised places. Like I said it is a miracle how good he looks. Or course he has a button down shirt I picked out for him and his slacks on so I couldn't see but where his seat belt put sores in that area.

    I went online to some of the local news stations to see if I could find an article about the accident, but I couldn't. Possibly there will be an article in the newspaper.

    He is on the phone now with his auto insurance company.

    I thank you all again for all your prayers, I think it really made a difference.

    Now if he can heal emotionally from this, that will be great. I feel he is very happy to be home. In the hospital they wouldn't let him get out of bed and they had two IV's going in each hand, so he couldn't sleep on his side. We are both side sleepers.

  20. diva2mi

    diva2mi New Member

    So glad to hear that Matt is home and I hope that he continues to heal quickly. Just wanted to send more warm thoughts and hugs your way...


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