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    I am sitting her on a Sunday afternoon and my son is the one I asked about prayers for late last week. Nathaniel just called me from college, and he was crying and telling me how he cant go on like this anymore. I felt so helpless he is so far away from me. He said all his friends have fun doing sports, and such, and he cannot manage to even run the vacuum or stand to do dishes without severe pain. He is so depressed. I know he is 23 but he is still my baby and I am so worried about his state of mind. He has been to so many doctors, and no relief yet. Please pray for him to get some relief and peace of mind. I am so scared for him and how he sounded to me.

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    I know how heart breaking this has to be for so sorry your son is going through this..

    May God ease Nathaniel pain and take away this terriable depression...

    My heart goes out for you both..

    My thoughts are with Nathaniel and you..

    Prayers going UP for you both right NOW!

    God Bless
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    I hopr he can find whats wrong.I'll keeps him in my prayers.Linda
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    Sending positive thoughts and prayers up for your son. It has to be so hard to be his age and have this crap. God bless you both and give you easier days soon.
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    I too am a daily sufferer of back pain and I could not imagine being 23 and having this pain then. I am saying a prayer for him and for you. One of the things that has helped me has been some healing books and tapes. I try to read them out loud everyday (Charles Capps little booklet is my favorite) and then I have some Gloria Copeland's Healing Scriptures CD that I listen to. It really does comfort the soul to speak the word of God and to hear it. I will pray for him to have relief.

    Sometimes, the chiropractor has helped mine. I am actually looking into going to a doctor for spinal injections also. May God give you peace of mind so that you may rest in him and know that his arm is not short.
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    How awful to have chronic pain at his age. Praying for him and for you, Mom.

    Take care,