my sons friend dies from 2 morphine patches

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  1. charlenef

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    kids just dont think he was out with a girl and he put 2 morphine patches on under his arm.she took him home and put him to bed knowing how messed up he was.his mom tried to wake him in the morning she just thought he was really tiered and let him stay home from school

    when she checked on him later he was foaming at the mouth and bleeding from his nose.his parents did the best thing they could of done they made the emt leave him there and let all his friends see him laying there like that to try and save their lives

    what a shame he was only 16 yrs old say a prayer for his family his name is joesph. my son wants to know how i kept him out of drugs so many of his friend do them and most of them are perscriptions. charlene
  2. mafusula

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    What a waste of such a young life!! Was he on the patches for pain related condition and can you tell me the name of the patches as I am also on them.
    Take care
  3. mindbender

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    That's something' Good job on your son.I'm not sure I would have the state of mind to leave him. Unfortunately even if they caught him in time, they may not have known they were under his arms.
  4. charlenef

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    on the street. the kids today bring them to school and dont even think twice about. some people think i am dumb believing my son is not doing drug when he hangs out with so many that do. trust me i know what is going on in my kids life he talks to me. i am just to wise i grew up rough and ive talk to him since he was young he know i would know. i just would like to warn other parents that if your kids aint acting right figure out what their doing before it is too late. charlene
  5. abcanada

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    So sorry to hear of your sons friends situation. i've been amazed to learn what some of these kids are doing these days. Saw a clip on news the other day of these young woman(16) downing a bottle of cough syrup , or they couldn't start thier day. Beautiful girls, seriously messed up!
  6. nerdieduckie

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    It's really sad about kids and drugs these days. I've experienced this in my own school. My friend told me in her English class that her teacher often uses pots and pans and bangs them on the wall when kids are sleeping. Well she just said "I'm bringing out the pot!!" and over half the class woke up, thinking she was meaning weed. As soon as they found out she was referring to a cooking pot, they went back to sleep.

    There have been so many drug busts at my school it's unbelievable, but then I guess most high schools are like that these days.

    That is really sad about your son's friend, but it's reassuring to know that you know what your son is doing and that he sounds like a smart kid.
  7. Aghllw

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    I am heartbroken right now after reading this. The good part of this is that you are ONE GREAT PARENT to talk so candidly to your son. I grew up rough too and don't candy coat it for my daughter either. Be it drugs, sex, whatever. It is worth being a little uncomfortable and getting your point across.

    Pain patches...on the street....breaks my heart....

  8. 1sweetie

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    How sad. I can't imagine the parent's grief.

    I'm glad you and your son communicate so well.
  9. charlenef

    charlenef New Member

    it sounds like you and me are on the same page i talk to my son about everthing. charlene
  10. Noralyn

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    to the same adverse affects of alcohol when it is used irresponsibly and abused. I'm sure we have all seen this. In fact, alcohol is a much worse drug along with the drugs in cigarettes.

    This brings an issue to my mind but first, please don't misunderstand me, I am totally compassionate for the loss of this beautiful teenager and for the sorrow of his parents, and my issue does not make his loss any "less serious or less of a tragedy".

    However, because this was a narcotic pain killer, it presents to the public a bad wrap for Narcotics and makes it all the more difficult for anyone with a legitimate chronic pain health issue to get relief. Yet, if it were binging on alcohol, such as some college kids do, this poses no hardship on anyone who wishes to have a cocktail at their leisure. Why is this? What has the chronic pain patient done that the leisure cocktail drinker hasn't done? Why is pain punished because of abusers and leisure is not?

    How sad it is for the college student and for their parents, sisters, brothers, etc., when they find how their child choked or drowned on their own vomit, and that all their child's friends were chugging and pushing their son/daughter to drink "just one more"?

    My thoughts and saddened heart are with this 16 yr old and his family.

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  11. Lendy5

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    This is such a horrible tragedy. He was so young and had his whole life ahead of him.

    I can't imagine what the family is going through and being able to leave him lying there shows they care so much about other young ones.

    It's so frightening that any type of prescription medication can be bought on the streets.

    We have three children and our oldest is a teenager. We keep a very active role with all our kids and keep and an open line of communication is our rule.

    My prayers are with the family.

  12. carebelle

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    So sorry to hear about this child.I will pray for the family and his friends.
  13. wish_to_be_healthy

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    What a heartache for the parents...You are right, these kids don't know that getting high can cost them their lives...and hurt those lives around them...
  14. Scapper

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    OMG, that is so tragic

    I know this story doesn't compare but just to show how kids have no clue what they are dealing with. I remember when one of my niece's was in grammar school, she told one of her friends that she was "tired." The friend then offered her half a pill and told her that it would help her not be tired anymore. My niece being very young and naive just took it. It turned out it was Ritalin, thank God nothing that produced a horrible outcome.

    The girl, and my niece, were caught and reported. My sister was a nervous wreck. Regardless of how much my sister is very "on" her kids, my niece still has the personality that does not think of "consequences" -- scary.

    Prescription meds are highly abused and these kids have no clue what the ramifications are.

    So sorry about your friend's son......I will keep his family in my prayers!!!!

  15. charlenef

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    my son is very touched that so many of my message board friends cared enough to write nice thought for his friend joseph and his family.thank you for support for my family charlene
  16. charlenef

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    joseph was out with i think she should have done something but kids dont think.its not her fault he did this im sure this is something she will think about the rest of her life. the boy who gave them to him is lying because he knows hell be in trouble what a mess. charlene