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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jmjt46, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. jmjt46

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    When I was trying to explane fibromyalgia to him and how it affects me NOW he asked, he listned then replyed well can't you jusy pretend it's not there.
  2. lovinlifeinAK

    lovinlifeinAK New Member

    If I will it away. Real nice and understanding. It sadens me every time I read someone that does not have understanding families. My young kids are more understanding then some of people I read about here - and they are adults usually!!

  3. ksp56

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    He sounds like my son and daughter! In fact he sounds like many of our children!

    I believe they don't want to 'see it' because they would have acknowledge it exists. They don't want to deal with the reality that this DD does exist and how it changes us.

    We believe you though~ It is not something to try and 'forget' about!


  4. 69mach1

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    my son and i were in the car going somewhere w/my ex-inlaws. topic came up about fibro, adn my son said mom you just don't want to work.

    i just told him cody we have discussed this before. secondly, my ex-inlaws son owes me over $16,000. in child support areearges. and a few years ago my son wanted me to call up my inlaws and ask for them to help w/rent so we didn't move back to michigan from california. i said i could not and would not do that. well this was during the mist of the divorce, and it was the ugly part and they were out to protect their son, welli was not getting any child support it had been about 2 years w/o athe time.

    well cody called them mohter in law said if your mom needs money to go get ajob. well cody said grandma she is going in for surgery next week, which was true. anyways i understand they were protecing their son's assets. but we had to suffer in the mean time.

    but anyways we do get along andthey have seen their son for his problems and i have forgiven them and they do treat me very well i wished i had them for my own parents.

    my son does understand that i hurt and he has most certainly seen my mood swings and depression and anxiety first hand.

    hugs to us all we understand how we feel

    and someday they will have the conclusive facts so we can say look at the evidence in black and white.

    then maybe we will get the apologys and we will all be fogiving of them i'm sure. i just pray that no one else get this syndrome.


  5. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Our oldest is 54 - he knows about FMS somewhat but never asks about it.

    Our daughter is 52 and at first, it made her rather mad as she thought is was what you said you had when no one know what you had. She finally accepted it as a dreadful thing, only because her daughter's sister-in-law has it. She is so wonderful to me, calls so much (she is 345 mi. away) and couldn't be more helpful to me except when it comes to fMS.How I long for her to say "How are y ou today?"

    Our youngest son is 47 and doesn't have the slightest idea what FMS is, even though I have E-mailed him info.

    Is it because Moms are NOT supposed to be ill? My hubby has many physical problems and I think they want me to be able to always care for him.

    Pretend!!!! I always say that I am on "pretend party" when I go somewhere. I do my best and think that I do well when around friends. But when I get home, away it goes. I let pain take over.

    Hang in there and know that all of us have that sort of problems

    Gentle Hugs

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