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    This was to be a post in response to "How old were you . . ", but I wanted to share this with everyone. May God bless his work in all of us so that many may come to know Him as their very own personal Savior!

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    As a very small child, I can remember how I would “move over” in bed so that my friend, Jesus, could lie down and sleep. I can remember talking to him before falling to sleep quite a few nights without prompting. My parents did not attend church when I was a child, and the only time that I went to church was when they would take me and drop me off. They started taking me and dropping me off when I was a very small child.

    I can remember that at about 12, I had a very special experience when talking with a friend about God. I felt as though I was being "lifted up" off of the family room sofa as we discussed the greatness of God.

    Even though my parents weren't churchgoers, I continued to go to church as I grew up, and even asking my parents to take me at times. I had a very special great aunt and uncle who would take me with them when they attended as well. However, it was at the age of 15 that I found Christ as a personal savior when I went forward at a Billy Graham crusade in Fresno, CA. At that point in my life, I realized the difference between my childhood friend and my Lord and Savior. The experience was a very natural one for me.

    When I was 16, my mother came to Christ, and when I was in my mid-twenties, my father came to Christ. After that, it was a virtual snowball as I saw many in my family come to know the Lord, and then their family members.

    I can only testify that the work that started early in childhood with my very special friend, Jesus, was the work of God. How else could so many have come to know Christ as their personal Savior? How else could the other family generations have come to know their Savior - but through the work of the Lord in the life of a very small child who moved over in bed to make room for a friend who became so familiar with her friend, Jesus.
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    thank you for sharing that

    its true that sometimes the its the children bringing there parents to the Lord.

    our parents made us go the church, but they stayed home.
    the nuns were very strick with me when I was a child and never really too kind.

    but I remember talking to Jesus when I was a child and new him as a friend.


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