my SSD experiance

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  1. kking0412

    kking0412 New Member

    1. Did you use an attorney/Allsup or go it alone?
    first time I went it alone and was denied. got lawyer.

    2. Were you approved on the record or after a hearing?
    after a hearing which took forever to get

    3. How many times were you denied?

    4. Did you have a doctor's general attitude of support?
    yes, 3 of them plus 2 SSD dr's

    5. Did you have a doctor's help with a letter or report?
    yes, my 3 doctors, God bless them. did a great job.

    6. Which impairments did you get disabilty for?
    chronic pain, chronic Lyme, fibromyalgia

    7. How many other health issues do you have?
    CFS/fibro/EBV and CHronic Lyme. will be testing for co-infectants when the Medicare comes thru.

    8. How far back did your back pay go?
    October 21, 2004 baby!

    9. When you were approved?
    got my letter this past Saturday, the 26th. hearing was 12/19/07. this was after I contacted Sen McCaskill's office. write your elected officials!

    10. What state do you live in? MO
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  2. pattyholland

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    hi, I am from missouri also.......but the judge told me i should get my letter with in 8 weeks.

    why did you have to wait so long?

    One more thing, did they tax you back pay?

    thanks Patty
  3. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    Would it be okay with you if I copied this to the Sticky at the top of the board?

    That way they are all together.

    Let me know and I will copy it for you.

    Thanks for answering.

    I lived in Rolla MO - graduated in '85.
    I lived in St. Louis for many years after that. My son was born in St. louis.

    Don't miss the winters.

  4. kking0412

    kking0412 New Member

    yes, absolutely, copy it to the sticky. that's where I thought I was putting it! (FOG!)
  5. kking0412

    kking0412 New Member

    they lie. they also told me I would get my letter in such and such amount of time (I forget, 60-90 days?) and around that time I get letters saying I have to go see their drs, which put it back further. I SWEAR the SSD MD told me I'd have an answer in 30 days but no. my lawyer said that's not the case, the judge took a vacation, came back, took a leave, extended the leave and I guess gnawed thru the restraints and came back AFTER Sen McCaskill's office got involved. write her if you need help; DH met someone at work that says she loves nothing better than helping those in our position.

    taxes: do not know. have not received the back pay yet. have not received anything yet. am inclined to have taxes taken out if there is ANY chance it might me taxable or we could end up in mucho trouble down the road!
    fyi: a friend who got his ok before me is now getting the monthly but recently was told expect to wait 120 days for the lump sum.

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