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    I posted on here that I'd won my ssdi and that I'd received a check with no letter, no explanation or anything (and still no letters). So, I called to find out how much I'd get, if there were any other checks due to come, dependant eligibility and info regarding medicare.

    I was eligible for medicare, so therefore have it, since October 05....what a relief, as I'm in the middle of a divorce and will soon lose my insurance.

    My monthly checks won't be a whole lot, but it will cover the cost of the medicare benefits, a supplemental insurance, prescription premiums, costs of meds not covered under the prescription plan and still have a couple hundred left over.

    I'll be getting a nice, very nice amount of child support and alimony so the money isn't as big an issue as the medicare coverage...but I'm so elated.

    My only problem with it all is that it labels me as 'disabled', making me feel old. Now knowing I'm covered by medicare, well....that just makes me feel even older. Those things are supposed to be meant for 'old' people who have retired from work and migrate to Florida for the winter. LOL

    I've learned a lot this week regarding ssdi, medicare and the prescription plans....don't count on everything they tell you if you call medicare. When I went online, I found out the plan they suggested DID cover meds they had told me it didn't. Do your research!!!

    No complaints here though.
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    i have not received the letter saying wjy i have been approved or the when they will re-evlauate me...

    have you gotten yours?

    i have only a letter saying i will recive this amount in my account on 12--01-05..which i did.. and a letter saying my monthly amount will be this amount...finally a letter about medi-care and and i was approved eliegle etc...

    i need to call the 1800 # again they keep saying you should get it soon...